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  • Hi question. I saw you’ve bought the stadiums pack from rigbusters, do you like it? I’m interested to buy this pack. Thanks. Best regards Stefan.

    • Hi, sorry for the late reply. I had no time to do anything with the Kemper the last weeks.

      I support a lot of commercial sellers and buy most packs. Rigbuster sells interesting stuff. The Stadium pack sounds a bit different to the older packs they offer. As far as I remember you can go from clean to heavy, but always rock oriented. They sound rich, full and crunchy.

      The older "pedal" profiles from Rigmaster and earlier amp packs sound like "good, raw and authentic (miced) tube amps". I remember this pack did sound more "produced" and I guess there was a more sophisticated signal chain profiled?! And I remember the Randall preamp modules did sound outstanding. Better than I heard ever before. Again I think a good engineer with trained ears and additional (expensive) tools did the profiling here.

      Don't know if that helps.

    • Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. I’ll go for it. I’ll play mostly a Les Paul and the guitar player who the pack is refering to plays also a lot with an Les Paul. I’m hoping there are also couple low gain/crunch profiles in the pack so I can cover the whole spectrum. As an bonus there are complete performances in the pack maybe these will work out to. A good engineer will also add some magic I think.

  • hi just tried loading your most of your free pack when i load the soldano pack it closes kills rig manager ??? thanks ill give you some feedback after i try profiles also

    • I am not aware of any problems, regarding this?? I loaded the rigs again to test it and tried around, but I couldn't reproduce the issue you are describing. All works as it should here. Hope you can figure out, what causes this.