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  • Hello Everyone

    Why Can't I download these profiles. Access denied. You’re not authorized to view this page.

    Can someone tell me why?

  • hi mick cab question for you a 4x12 cab with 2 vintage 30 60W 8 ohm and 2 greenback 25W through 50W head on full 50W would it damage the 25W greenbacks

  • hi mick

    quick question, I have my eye on a celestion vintage 30 8 ohm 60W and celestion creamback 8ohm 75W for my zilla fatboy 2x12 cab I'll be wiring them in series so it will be a 16ohm cab sorry if it's an obvious answer.

    • Yes. Go series for 2 8ohm speakers giving you 16 total.

      It's probably better to go 2 16 ohm speakers parallel to give 8 ohm total, depending on any other cabs you have and may want to use with the Zilla.

    • tks mick is there much difference in 2x12 8ohm vs 16 ohm cab

    • it depends if you want to use another cab with it. Marshall cabs are usually 16 and Mesa 8.
      you need to use 2 cabs with same ohms. If you are just using the one cab there’s nothing to worry about.

    • no problem thanks for the Info love all your profiles keep up the good work hope you can profile some more amps that come into yr studio

  • heya Mick.... this post about TMS Most Reveries profile caught my eye because I was actually there for a few days of the Ghost Reveries sessions... were you around as well? Perhaps different days than I was there? I probably have some photos on my old laptop of the whole setup for everthing.... gotta look for those.

    • Hi James.

      I'd love to see the photos.

      Jens posted on the old Sneap forum about the gear used.

      Main rhythm guitars were dual rectifier to MF400 cab and layer 2 was a pod.

      What I thought was funny is they had a Laney endorsement and had to use them on the album so they reamped a keyboard part through one =]

    • I'll have a look and see if I can dig 'em up ;-)

  • Hey bud

    got to say @mick Rick your profiles are currently my favourite ! I’m preferring them to top jimi amd m Britt as I use s guitar cab

  • Hey Mick! Was just reading your “conquer all” post that the bundles contain Kemper IR’s now as well, does this include the first bundle as well? Since in all the other description Kemper is mentioned except the first one.



    • Hi Mendel,
      All the Conquer All packs have Kemper and Axe FX impulses.
      The first pack was originally released as just wav but has been updated since release