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  • What guitar is that in your Avatar?

    It looks like one of these

    • I made the guitar that’s in my avatar. I make them as a hobby. It is loosely built around a Bailey Guitar Bandsman.

      A video of the build in the avatar is here (and some other builds are also on my YT channel) :

    • that’s what I though. I made the one I posted on the Baileycourse too :-)

    • it looks as though my photo may not have loaded but it’s a bandsman variation too

    • Have you posted in the show your latest guitar thread here in the kemper forum? It would be good to see it..

    • No. It's no longer my latest guitar ;-)

      Her it is in action though.

      I did a bit of work on it a few weeks ago though and totally reshaped the headstock and inlaid it with mother of pearl.