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  • hi great job on the halen i have that pack also would kill for your settings if you care to share them with me thanks steve

    • Sure, no prob! I'm at work right now but will write you back this evening ;)

    • So first things first, I made a typo in the forum post. I (of course) based my tone on the VH I preset, not the VH II one ;)

      I tweaked a few things on the Kemper: Bass -0.3, Mid +0.2, Treb +0.5, Presence +1.5.
      In the Amp section I have: Definition 10.0 (like preset), Power sagging 0.9, Compression 0.3

      I used the Phaser exactly as it comes with the preset - but I used a reverb plugin in the DAW. It's set like this pre-delay 50ms (that's what gives that slap-back delay, there is no delay effect going on), Decay 2.5s, Mix 20%. The solo have even more reverb, 25% mix.

      I only did only very minor EQ in the DAW as post-process. Shouldn't really affect the tone too much, just some pretty standard EQ moves I do on almost all guitar tracks. A High Pass filter at 80Hz, a Low Pass filter at 15K and a narrow 3db cut at 450Hz. Otherwise it's the Kemper tone directly as it goes to the audio interface.

      A large part is of course that the volume is rolled back on the guitar for the verses.

      I actually mixed it up against the original vocal track - but I couldn't post those on SoundCloud for copyright reasons. If you're interested, this is my mix with vocals:

      Take care,

    • thanks man thats kind of you peace out