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  • Hi Jonathan,

    I've tried to sign up for the Profile Crate subscription with multiple email addresses and on different devices and after over a month of trying a few times a week (checked my spam folders as well lol) , I still haven't been able to get signed up. I was hoping you might be able to help me get signed up or possibly help me figure out why it isn't allowing me to sign up.

    I love Tone Junkie and your YouTube channel, as well as very well regarded Kemper Profiles, was a huge inspiration and factor in my decision to join the Kemper-verse and get my Kemper Profiler Stage!

    Keep up the awesome content!

    -Sean C-

  • Hi Jonathan,

    I tried getting the tangerine AD30 profiles off of the profile crate site by signing up for it but I never got the profiles. Is there still a way to get them?

  • Hey Jonathan any discounts for previous everything pack purchasers? Would love to add the card scrambler and JTM45 packs

  • Hi Jonathan. My e-mail is [email protected]. Thanks

  • Hi Jonathan, recently picked up your everything pack...just killer profiles! Thanks for the great customer service. Any thought of starting your own forum on the tone junkie website? I really wish there was a house of worship song cover forum. I know guitarforhisglory has some stuff, but it is a paid service he offers. Like to think that people from the kemper church community would "congregate" to an area where we can share various settings for the various P&W songs we cover week to week. Great way to feature your profiles as well....just a thought...

    • Are you part of the "Kemper P&W" group on Facebook? I'm really active there and it's a great group of dudes who use Kemper for Sunday morning stuff.

  • I have your free packs and purchased the TS-1 pack and have made a number of rigs that will be used a lot. As others have mentioned the profiles don't need a lot of tweaking to taste. Well done! Question or request for profiles of the Suhr HedgeHog and matching cab. With all of the boosts etc it is a very versatile amp. I have played through one and was able to get some of the tones I have searched for, great cleans and lead tones. If you do, I think it would be a great seller. Just saw the new CSR profiles and will be picking those up shortly

  • Just purchased another pack and lov it. The sound
    Quality and articulateion for each profile is awesome-no noise -clear-professional build. Very impressed can't wait for more. Would love a jimmy page profile with Tone Junkie hand picking the amp and sound-lets do it!!!!

  • It has rarely happened to me to be immediately satisfied with the profiles I had just purchased, because normally it is necessary to change cab, equalization, effects, etc. All of this did not happen with the "Tone Junkie" profiles that I bought yesterday. Exceptional quality and dynamics. Through a 65 Lowman profile I found a very similar sound to Texas Flood (Stevie Ray Vaughan). Soon I hope to do a Texas Flood video using this profile.
    Thanks Jonathan for your excellent work!

  • Love your profiles and thanks for free pack! ToneJunkie has several rigs in each pack that contain OD pedals (KOT,Jouster, OCD, etc) and those profiles are awesome but it would be great if you had a pack that's centric to all the profiles having one one of those pedals in the front to provide low to med-low gain profiles. The pack could mix-and-match pedals and amp. That would definitely be a pack I'd purchase!

    Thanks again for all the work you do.

  • Love your profiles for my KPA, and bought a Suhr JM Pro based on your great YouTube Videos. Curious, why no JM in your Beauty demos?

    • Oh no reason really. We filmed the dual amp demos at the same time as the Beauty ones and played the JM in those the we all started grabbing different guitars. In the walkthrough video, I just hadn’t played that Black strat in awhile.
      JM is still my number one! How are you liking yours?

  • Sorry Ralf. It should be capitalized “LOYAL20”

  • Hi [email protected] Tone Junkie,thx for your offer but the code "Loyal20" doesn't work for me.

    Thx in advance and greets from germany, Ralf