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  • Hi, could you share your profile that you posted to the Iron Maiden thread? I also emailed John McRis and subscribed to his YouTube channel, but have not heard back from him. Would you mind sharing?

  • Hi, did you receive the GK250 profile pack from that youtube user? I subscribed and mailed him but got no response. Could you send me the pack you received from him please? I think that's the whole GK250 pack along with the backtrack of the youtube clip he made. Could you please send it to [email protected] ?

    • Hi. Indeed got the pack from John McRIS directly (4 profiles, I don't remember whether the backing track was included). I remember him replying quite quickly. Just give him some time he will respond to your message for sure.


    • You are right, got them now.

    • That's great. Have fun with the profiles :)