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  • Hi,
    What effects do you use? I have some experience with various famous pedals and the units we gab about here. But your recent post mentioned way better gear. I assume they are rack-mount? What do you have/recomment for guitar and vocals if you have experience there. (I currently like the UAD 224 Lexicon for vox) Thanks, man!

    • I like all the Strymon pedals. I use a Strymon Flint, Big Sky, Mobius, and Timeline. I also use a Mission Rewah Pro wah pedal, and the Eventide Pitchfactor pedal. I don't use
      "a lot" of effects per se, but when I do use them, those are what I use. I think that rack gear from Lexicon and Eventide and Bricasti are superior to any pedals or software though.