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  • Just wanted to let you know I bought your album several months ago and absolutely love it. I wish you guys the best!

    • That's killer. Thanks a lot. I'm checking out your facebook. Nice Carvins and Kiesels!

    • Just listened to your soundcloud. Nice stuff. It's cool how you can see the progress in your production skills with each song. Super clean playing too.

    • Much appreciated man. It's strictly a hobby for me and I'm only using an 8 track digital recorder so I have to be very creative to make everything as clean as possible! It is a challenge. My song "Bred To Kill" is actually directly influenced by your music. I listened to the entire SpaceMetal album and sat down to play and that is what came out. So thanks for the inspiration! Rock on and best of luck!

    • Yeah, love my two main guitars. The CS3 Carvin is my main and I'm loving the Bolt more every time my band plays. It was literally one of the last bolts produced before they discontinued them last year. Are you a Kiesel guy?