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  • i got the midi mate now too..trying to figure out how to use the controller mode to turn on and off effects any luck? also any luck on being able to get the 0 button to fuction.i seen on fractual about display offset but have no clue with this kemper..thx)

    • I am able to set the controller mode to toggle individual effects, that works just fine. I also have an expression pedal hooked up controlling the wah on all my rigs...but there is no midi 00 on this unit, and life is too goddamn short to reprogram every single patch change individually to have an offset of 1. I'll end up getting the kemper remote in the end i'm sure....just waiting to see if anything is new at NAMM I guess.

      If you want to forge ahead, I recommend contacting [email protected]. Jim has been extremely helpful every time I've had a question and he lays out all the steps very well. Good luck!