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  • Hey buddy!

    Did you ever receive the Stealth? Or did you send it back?

    • Indeed I did.

      I find that it has maybe 15 - 20% more power on tap over the Camplifier 290, but I'm still doubtful about it having enough headroom for a gig. I can't wait for practice to start again in our studio so I can make a proper determination.

    • Yep, cranking it at home is a no-no :-)

      Well, we shall see... Let us know when you do put it through the test.

      Peace and stay safe

  • Hi!

    I saw in a post that you are using XiTone MBritt powered cab and are thinking about installing the kone. Is that a straight forward could a knowledgeable amp repair store that I use in chicago be able to do the replacement. I've tried contact mick at xitone several times but no response. Any thoughts you'd like to share would be much appreciated... Thanks! Dan

    • Hi Dan,

      No reply from Mick for me either yet.

      I was going to try doing it myself. Should be 4 screws and two push on connectors to the speaker. I think position 1 on the DSP selector is FRFR so that should work, but this is me guessing. Perhaps I should contact the amp maker (Dayton Audio).

      Hopefully I'll get some info soon, but I can't even buy the Kone in Canada yet.

    • Thanks for the reply! I hope it's a simple replacement and will work as intended. If you don't mind I'd appreciate you letting me know what you find out. Hopefully you'll be able to purchase soon. I'm waiting until I know it'll work...I'm in no rush...I love my current tones... but who doesn't love tweaking, geeking and finding THE tone...

    • You bet! I'll share whatever I find out... now all I need is for someone to respond.

    • I am going to attempt the same thing here. I have the xitone Mbritt model also with the Dayton amp I believe. I would love a how to on how to swap the Kone if yours is successful. I got my Kone yesterday and put it in an Avatar 1 12 cab powered by a PS 170 . Really sounds great using the imprints in the Kemper so I am encouraged . I ordered the 2 pack Kone yesterday and was going to install them in a 212 cab I have but was thinking the xitone would be a great all in one solution if it works.

    • No idea when mine's coming. Don't have a ship date or tracking number yet. So you're welcome to try it out. Looks like 11 screws to remove the grille, 4 screws for the speaker, and push on connectors to me.