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  • Hi, I'd like to ask for your help. I see you own a Gemini 2. I just bought a Gemini 1. Its powered at 110w. Problem is it sounds like total ass. Let me explain. When using it with my Kemper full FRFR mode it sounds like a speaker sim being played through a guitar speaker, so spkr+spkr. Turn off the cab on the kemper and its horrible fizzy direct tone. If I turn the empower knob a hair off frfr It sounds like spkr+spkr + woofy mud. It only gets worse the more I turn down the empower knob. (even with cab sim off) I am connecting the Kemper main out xlr to the Gemini. I am using High Quality profiles.(M.Britt,Micheal Wagner,Kemper.etc) Is there a setting on the Kemper that I need to be aware of,for running frfr? I've gone through the output section,but have found nothing to fix this issue. Thanks Bobby

    • Bobby,

      I have mine connected by the main out xlr cables also using a stereo cable I purchased from mission. If you select a profile and the go to the cabinet section and change cabs, do you hear changes? Normally for me there is a big difference . And yes it sounds terrible with mine too with the cab turned off, just like you describe. I normally keep the empower knob full up or most profiles sound too flat to me. I also keep my output volume on the GII at around noon and control the volume with the Kemper. Maybe check under the Output section and make sure the main output is set up correctly? Mine is set for Master Stereo but I would think you would want Master Mono. Which you said you checked under this section. My guess is something is not set up correctly in the Kemper instead of the cabinet. You might want to post your problem on the appropriate section of the forum as there are much more knowledgeable people that I am about the Kemper. But if you have any more questions just ask. I'll try and help if I can. Sorry I wasn't more helpful for your issue.


    • Hi Trey, Thanks for your reply. I've tried the output settings you recommended(It was defaulted there) still no change. I did load some ownhammer IR's and it does sound a little better than before. Maybe i'm not used to the sound of frfr? Strange because frfr sounds great thru my Mackie monitors. Thanks for your help. Bobby

    • You're welcome and I hope you’re able to get it figured out. I have noticed that the Michael Britt profiles are a little bit darker than some of the other commercial profilers but his profiles are probably my overall favorite. If you like Marshall’s, try some of the Top Jimi profiles. To me he has some of the best sounding cabs for his Marshall profiles. Good luck getting it solved.