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  • Hey man I just wanted to say thanks for the Suhr PT-100 CH2 bright profile on RM. I own the PT100se and its' one of my favorites. Please let me know if you have more profiles like this one. It sounds fantastic! Feels and plays great, like the real amp. Thank you!

    • Hey thanks! Glad you’re enjoying the profile. I made it using a friend’s PT100 that I got to spend an hour or so with. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to make more profiles, but I might be able to borrow it this weekend for another session. I could probably do an entire pack just on channel 1 alone, but I’m thinking about doing kind of a utilitarian bread and butter pack that would cover a lot of styles with the minimum number of profiles. I’ll be sure to post them and let you know as soon as that happens.

      Just out of curiosity, do you find that the amp sounds better overall with the bright switch engaged for all channels? I found that it made the amp come to life a bit more, which is surprising since I usually don’t like bright switches on other amps.

    • I've used my pt100se with it on ch2 and 3, never on ch1. But I've also played without it. It does make ch2 sound a bit better. Both ways are good. Please let me know if you make some other profiles. Would love to try them. Like I said before that one profile sounds great through my setup. I'm running the toaster through a Friedman asm10. Whatever you did it sounds right. Cleans up perfectly with the volume knob. Thanks! Hope to hear some more.

    • Regarding my settings, I keep the feedback at noon, depth switch in the middle position. Ch2 gain 4-5, bass 5, mid 4-5, treble 6. Ch3 gain 6-7. Master 9 - 10 o'clock.