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  • Hi Brian,

    Any chance you could send the reaper proyect with the midi data? or just the midi track?

    email is [email protected]

    Thanks in advance. This midi bollox is driving me mad. :-)

    • Actually I havent done to bad, as the simple stuff is sorted ( scrolling, morphing , activating etc)

      Its that wah pedal shit that has me intrigued :-)

      Will probably never use it...but damn it..I want to know!!!

    • i can send the session with just the midi track. i think mine only worked because i had the wah pedal selected. i am still not sure how to send data that does something like:

      select a specific performance, select a particular slot and THEN select the Stomp. make the changes.


    • oh i meant to say that you are doing better than i am at it.

      do u mind send me the track that has the crolling, morphing , activating info?


    • Sure. Whats your email?

      I'll explain what it does, or should do, once you have seen it.


    • [email protected]

      I am putting together a small reaper session with what I did to control the wah but for some reason it is not working now.

      It might be my MIDI connection. My sound card (Lynx Aurora) does not have a full MIDI implementation so I am using one of the PoS USB to MIDI convertors.