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  • Hey mate, did you play on Gary Hughes' Ten album "Babylon' by any chance?

  • Well well well, fancy seeing you on the Kemper forum!

    How's it going? All well I hope!

    The Kemper is a great bit of kit (I've had mine since 2015) but I don't have the real amps to profile - I think you're sorted for that :)



    • Hey mate. How are things?

      Where are you based now?

      Yes, I really can’t stand Fractal as a company so I have been dying for Kemper to announce this Stage model. Can’t wait to get it.

      Still not started the next Three Lions album. 😂 Just listening to some of the ideas now.

      Greg had a major breakdown last year and was sectioned. So, from seeing him like a zombie to being discharged and slowly getting back to normal has been such a relief. Not just for selfish musician reasons but as a friend. Was so upsetting to see him in such a low state every time I drive up to Barrow.

      He is now back in Bollington and I went to see him a few weeks back. He is on the mend but I would say is still a bit fragile from an outsiders point of view.

      Anyway, what are your contact details these days? Still the same number and email?

      Hope to see you again soon James. Will definitely be in touch once we have some Three Lions action happening again.

      All the very best.


    • Hi,

      I'm fine thanks. We did move house last year, but I'm still in the Lower Darwen area, and still working in Sheffield. My contact details are the same as before.

      Really sorry to hear about Greg and glad that he is on the mend. Things like that are awful, as there isn't much you can do other than being supportive. I suspect he will be fragile for a while - it's a slow process :(

      Good to hear that there may be more Three Lions activity in the future. If you need anything, just let me know.

      One advantage of moving house is that I had a bit more room to set up my gear - ok it's in a conservatory, but it allowed me to finally finish and release an album. I know it was linked on Facebook, but in case you'd not seen it, I've got it on Hearnow (and all the usual distributions).



    • Hi James. Yes, I will definitely get in touch once we get things moving again. Cheers. 😊

      Sorry for the late reply, been so busy here. Kemper arrived today. Sounds great. Just got to get into using it now. 😳😂

      Will check your album out too.

      All the very best.