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  • I found this on Spotify after out brief discussion about dummy head holophonic recordings. Didn’t want to post it in the thread as it is way off topic but thought you might enjoy hearing it.

    These two tracks are what I was talking about. As a musical album it is pretty rubbish but the recording technique was crazy.

    In the first track the set the dogs on you and chase you with guns. In the second the bury you alive in a coffin and fill in the hole with dirt. Listening to this on headphones in the dark as a teenager probably explains alot about why I am so screwed up now ?

  • Hey...from my point of view it's useless...at the Gig I have no time to tap tempo 7 or 10 times to make it work....It s simple like that....or it works or not ?

    • I agree. Most of our songs start while the previous song is still sounding. Just a fast count from the singer or the drummer. If I have to start with, let's say, a dotted eights rhythm part, I'm dead. I'll add it to my last post.

    • So let me ask you...which way is the best way to use Tap tempo to work sort of....any suggestions....Thanks and stay well.

    • Well... With the AX8 I just tap 2 times and it's always been perfect. If I have to make any corrections, I do on the fly. Never had any problems with it.

      When I used the Trex Soulmate, that only works with quarter notes, I learned how to tap for dotted eights.

      Always simple, always perfect. I'd love the Stage to work that way.

      I don't really use time modulation effects, so I never had the problem of alignment.

      I don't know if that helps you. I think it's the easiest way to do it.


    • Thanks :)

  • Hello ,

    did you read the answer from Mr. Kemper ?

    • Yes, I did. I'll reply today.

      It looks like it's the way it works. I expected the Tap to work like in every other device I've tried.

      I'd just loved someone explained it when I opened the thread.

      The good side us our Stages are not faulty.

      I'll get used to it.

      Sincerely, I think my angry post had something to see with the answer. I also received an email from Peter and a private message from Albert. I'll send them to you, if you want, because they have some interesting info. In fact, Albert said it doesn't have a solution, while CK says that's the way it's designed. (???)

      Anyway, the problem is over. Maybe time will show me Kemper's is a better way to use the Tap Switch; They deserve all vmy respect in what concerns to innovation.

      And... That's all, for now.

      Thank you very much for your support!!!!

      What about your gig? :)

  • Hello ,

    Any news about Tap tempo issue...Best Regards

    • Hello!

      No. No news.

      I hope today they'll contact me.

      I'll make you know a soon as it happens.

      Best regards.

    • Hello ,

      Thank you...I have also open support ticket about this issue and describe the same problems that you have...I think it is not the switch issue...couse when I asign this switch to other functions it works ok...Will see...I m not in the mood wright now to send the Stage back ...I have a gig every week and no replacement...hope is just a software issue.Best Regards

    • I haven't tried to assign other function to the Tap switch. Good idea. I will this morning. I've done the opposite, you know: I've assigned the tap function to other switches and same problem.

      I have 3 gigs this week. Fortunately I still have my AX8.

      Yes, it's a good idea to open your own ticket. The more tickets about the same problem, the more attention we'll get.

      I'm getting tired :)

      Best regards.

    • Oh.

      I have just received a promising answer (I hope it's ok to put it here):

      "Great thank you, that video is very helpful.

      I will forward this problem to our developer team.

      The Tempo range goes up to 256 bpm as you can see in the Rig menu page 2.

      It looks like the tempo stuck after it has exceeded a certain value, and then takes some time until it is released again.

      Would you describe the problem like this?


    • Hmmm....it’s possible...hope they found a quick solution