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  • Hi all. If I use the Parallel path & have an acoustic setting in effects slot 1 or 2 is there any way I can make this be panned to left or right so I can have the stacked sound panned the other way?

  • Hi all. What is the main reason/objection to using a valve amp for monitoring onstage? I get a really great sound on stage (using return channel from a Hughes & Kettner tubemeister 36 watt combo) but wonder if I am causing some damage to my profile sounds or whether my onstage sound would be a noticeably better with a solid state amp . Any information would be great please :)

  • Hi. I am getting some nasty artefacts when using a pitch shift of 24. I am using the Dunlop X pedal to shift & yes, it is calibrated. It works fine on +12 but this is not the effect I am after. Am I doing something wrong with a setting? Thanks Jason

    • I recorded us playing over the weekend & I noticed that the recording (guitar direct via Kemper out) was Clean & void of artefacts, where as my amp was sounding nasty with digital noise while using the whammy/+24 pitch shift. The whole band noticed it on stage. Is my guitar amp (for monitoring) not handling the extra frequency range perhaps?? Cheers