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  • Hey, wanted to pick your brain about the FM3 compared to the kemper. Might sell a tube amp for it. Thoughts on it?

    • I just responded to the Neural post. I’m enjoying it much more. For me I think I’d rather start with my tone from ground up. I just hate trying to find profiles and honestly this just sounds and feels so much better to me than the Kemper. I sold my Kemper. I’m still going to get the QC and then decide which to keep or both. But I just could never fall in love with my Kemper after a year with it.

    • yeah I hear you on the profiles. I feel like every time I play the Kemper I just try new profiles and it’s always hit or miss. But when I find something I like I’m usually pretty happy. I really want to try the fm3 because I want to try the modeling end of things where it’s supposed to behave like an amp eq. I can’t imagine they sound too different from each other but it may be better to work with. I think it might just be easier to pick like “Friedman model” and then just eq stuff vs a bunch of different Friedman profiles that can be at any various settings

    • Pretty much a big reason why I'm switching, at least for now. They have them in stock now if you are in USA and if you order direct you can return it within 15 days (you pay the shipping though).

  • Hey bud, any clips using the PS 2 and a real cab? Going off your 316 are you a believer? Thanks!

    • Nah it's an old nickname used long ago.

      I don't have any but check these out...

    • Cool, I saw the 1st one. He had a better profile than the 2nd vid. I bought one! I have always heard of Fryette but a lot of folks drift toward to lighter matrix which is just one more attempt at a solid state device trying to sound like tubes. Owned the gT 800 version when it came out but was not overly impressed

      Also the Waza TAE is super popular, but I owned one and it does not have the dial but rather clicks down which makes it hard to find the balance between too much cut and not enough -usually was too much. The other aspect I did not like was it makes you use this dial that chooses from what they have chosen for cab simulation, but none sound like any of my cabs.

      The other new one is the Captor X by two notes. Two clicks of attenuation, 2nd one being way too low. Very IR to FOH focus too.

      So for me I'm very hopeful the PS 2 will work to give me both the 'thunk' from a real cab, and cab/tube tones!

      I'll keep you posted and do some videos when I dial in my rig!