Introducing the Kemper App for IOS!

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  • Introducing the Kemper App for IOS!

    What it is: An IOS app to remotely control your Kemper unit
    What you get: Access to Presets 1-48, Performances 1-16 including all 5 slots, stomp boxes A-D, Gain, delay mix, fdbk, reverb mix and guitar tuner
    What you need: (Windows): Midi Designer Pro app (best $25 ever!), midiox and rtp midi software installed and running on your pc (both freeware- google it!), pc-to-midi interface (Emu Xmidi works fine) and an ipad or iphone
    Download and install the MD file and check out the screenshots.

    Have Phun!

    Dr.B 8) 8) 8)

    Feedback welcome. Mac users need to check your documentation..
    • Kemper app 1.PNG

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  • Okay, I've just got this all working.

    Midi designer pro is on offer today. only $4.99 so I bought it.

    This template works great on my ipad. Thank you very much. I tried to open it on my phone, but it turns into a jumbled mess.

    I have a couple of questions:
    1. What does 'Double tap' mean below the stomps?
    2. What are the grid of numbers from 1 - 48?

    I'm going to have a look at the tutorial as there are quite a lot of features missing from my point of view. I think the main application of this app is to allow you to tweak settings more comfortably than from the front panel (i.e. you don't have to reach over and/or the settings are hidden).

    I think I would like it to do
    - headphone volume
    - 'volume'
    - tone controls
    - mod rate and intensity
    - tap tempo
    and probably more advanced
    - browse effect type and insert into a slot

    Thanks again for sharing your work on this