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  • Hi there, I just read your response to a member (MPescuma) regarding the "Kemper Stage Power Source". Am I correct in understanding that the Profiler Stage includes international power compatibility similar to the Strymon ZUMA Pedal Power supply? I live in the US and would like to know if I could simply plug it into an outlet in the UK or will I need a power inverter?


    • yes, i believe so. This from page 63 of the manual also seems to confirm it;


      Connect this to your wall outlet using the supplied power cable. The internal, universal power supply accepts 100V - 240V AC via the usual IEC inlet.

    • Thanks!

  • I read your comment on how to setup the Kemper with the remote using a TRS & a TS cables. The problem I can't quite get around is is the system menu setting up the 1st pedal (TRS) Mode knob is either pedal type 1 or 2 and the Function knob is either Wah or Volume. If I switch it to Wah then the Mission EP1-KP works the Wah just fine but when the Wah is turned off the Volume (Expression) doesn't work. It only works when the Function knob is set to Volume but then the Wah doesn't work. Another thing is setting up the 2nd pedal with the TS cable Mode is set to Mono Switch and the Switch Tip is set to A on/off where I have my Wah. But my toe switch isn't responding to on/off. I'd be happy enough to just use my footswitch for the Wah but the Wah won't respond because my Function is set to Volume. Not sure what I'm missing here! Was just trying to use 1 expression pedal for both functions. Any insight and help would be most appreciated.

    • The Pedal Type 1 or 2 only affects the taper of pedal. It should be really obvious which one is correct for your pedal. The wrong one will probably do nothing for most of the travel then all of the effect will be bunched up in a very short movement at one end.

      Pedal Function must be set to Wah. In addition the checkbox Wah >Volume must be ticked. It is this checkbox that allows the same pedal to be Wah or Volume.

      The second footswitch sounds correct. It is a mono switch and should be set to toggle on/off the block with your wah loaded. Have tried it in a different input and tried a different cable just in case there is a fault. You should also find something else that can be controlled with the footswitch (such as the channel change of an amp etc to check the switch itself isn’t faulty.

    • Well I got the Wah working by putting it in Stomp A. What some of the videos I watched weren't making clear (as you pointed out) in System Settings page 5/18 Pedal Links at the top of the page the box Wah Pedal > Volume needed to be checked. Mine wasn't and thank you for that! I still can't get the Toe Switch to work but that's still doable for me cause once I engage the Wah on Stomp A the pedal works great and disengaging the Wah it goes right back to Volume. Maybe my Mission pedal might have a faulty out 2 pot cause I've tried different cables that I know are good. No worries cause I can totally deal with it as is for now. Thanks again my friend!

    • you are welcome. My Mission also had a faulty toe switch which I had to change to get it working. They aren’t the best made pedals to be honest but they do feel like a real wah to use.

    • Did you get a new switch or the ouput pot or both from Mission and just change it yourself?

    • i bought mine used so had to fix it myself. The pot was OK (although if you look inside you will see it is actually just a Jim Dunlop branded pot from a wah), you can replace the switch with any momentary switch of the correct polarity. I think it requires normally open but the Kemper Manual confirms it so check there before ordering one.

  • Can you please explain how you use -5 for clean sense (the rational). I thought if you had low volume on the clean channel compared to OD rig you’d want to put the clean sense UP in positive territory? Clean sensitivity is something I’ve never really ‘heard’ so it’s hard for me to set. Why at -5?

    I’ve always just left it around 2.5 but I really can’t hear or tell how it works and usually just use variable rig volume to adjust rigs in songs

    • hi oozish, i don’t have any specific wisdom to impart here I’m afraid.

      From the very first moment I plugged my guitar into the KPA in the shop I always felt the clean sounds were WAY too loud compared to the distortion sounds so I fully expected to need to readjust all the levels manually if I bought it. After a full afternoon in a demo booth comparing the KPA and Helix I decided the KpA was the best suited to my needs.

      When I got it home I started redadjusting the levels and resaving rigs. I also noticed that the input light was flashing red more than I expected. Then I watched the videos and resd the manual properly. The Clean Sens control sounded like just what I needed. I played with it for a while and just found around -5 to be the best compromise for me in terms of stopping clipping and making the clean and dirty sounds sit well together. For stopping clipping around -7.5 or more worked best but then the clean sounds weren’t balanced as well. It’s still a work in progress as I’m sure it is guitar, context and gernre specific so I may well find I need to change it in future but for now around -5 works for me it still goes well into the red sometimes but I can live with it quite happily.

      I just noticed you said you can’t really hear how it works. Try this. Turn the gain to 0 on any profile. Turn the Clean Sens to it lowest setting. Now increase the gain gradually all the way to max and observe how the levels change as gain increases. Now set the clean sens to max and do the same thing. That should really highlight what it does. Now just tweak to something tht works for you. It doesn’t seem to critical that you get an exact setting just somewhere in the right ball park.

      Hope that helps.


    • Thank you so much for a wonderful, detailed response! I do appreciate!

      Ok, I'll try that; that's the ticket it seems with the Kemper to discovering what it does, just tweak knobs full right full left and see what it does, lol. THanks again. :)

    • you’re welcome