Iconic Guitar Sounds???

  • Hello everyone!

    Does anyone know where I can get my hands on any of "those" great guitar sounds ie Dire Straits "Money for Nothing" early Yngwie Malmsteen lead guitar sounds (first 4 albums) Def Leppards Hysteria Album guitar sounds, Tyketto "Don't Come Easy" guitar sounds...even some of the excellent sounds on Shania Twains Come on Over album....cheesy I know, but they are all incredibly well produced studio sounds....any links or direction would be much appreciated,

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    Rob. :)

  • i might sound a bit to boring when saying the same thing all the time, but the sound is in the hands not in the amp. might be a controversial statement, which can lead to an infinite discussion (which by the way I don't want to provoke), but the sound you want is in the hands.

    Malmsteen sound is in his hands. I bet what you want that if you give a dist pedal to a clean fender to Ingwie, he will sound the same as with his rig. I know what I'm saying since I saw it with Steve Vai, personally. everything you give him sounds like steve vai. trust me on this: i knew steve personally and had the chance to check it.

    so, I would suggest, for example in the distorted sounds, to achieve a good sounding rig and work your way with that instead of aiming to achieve the same exact clone of the sound you mentioned.

    just my cent......

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