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  • Hej Michael. Hello. Eduardo from Denmark. Can you tell, please, how do you conect your Rocktron Hex Pedals to the Kemper remote. Merry X.Best regads Eduardo.Yoy car write to my emailadresees = [email protected]

    • Hello Eduardo. I don't have the kemper remote, so I'm not aware of the setting for the expression pedals. in my pedalboard, the rocktron all access all I had to do was plug the pedals into the two pedalboard jacks and assigning their respective CC value (in my case wah and pitch pedal). End of story. So, don't know about the remote but I'm sure there is a manual to check it out and finally the forum.

    • I'm guessing that the kemper remote would react as the all access though: pklug the pedals and set the CC....since the all access belongs to a past generation of electronics and software, the kemper remote will behave is a faster and more efficient way. let me know how you will do it. merry Christmas :)