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  • Hi Maurizio and thank you for your post in hidden gems. I also found reading through your website quite interesting. When you say that you "normalized" the rigs in your 10 yr. collection of your favorites I think I understand what you are saying but wanted to double check with you. Does that mean when playing thru them that they all play at the same volume or more than that possibly from an freq. equalization standpoint too? One of my gripes with downloading rigs off of RE is they all come in at different volumes, there seems to be no set standard or setting. Some also sound too muddy and some sound too bright as a secondary issue. Is this what you primarily mean by the term "normalization"? I wonder if you could explain the process. Moderators don't like questions/"off topic" quotes to be asked or added in that hidden gems posting so that is why I am contacting you personally. Hope you don't mind. Maybe even make a posting for the community on how that is done. Thanks again for sharing you body of work, I think it should be a "sticky" or a go to post all by itself.

    • Hi, as explain in my site, what I did in 'brief' (even if it takes really some time!) was:

      1) selecting/choosing rigs from RE... I selected rigs with a right balance on frequency domain, with no freq phase issues, discarding too open or closed sounds, etc... I did this in a couple of steps, a first selection and then a selection of the selection to finalize only 500 rigs (which I believe are a good number to save)

      2) then takes place the 'normalization' process ->

      -first of all in volume, I brought to the same loudness the rigs based on my experience and Mr. Kemper raccomandation. All of them have RIG volume to '0', I moved the other volumes in the stacks/effects to reach the goal which is the correct way to achieve it

      -second, I add, for each rig, just the right combination of Noise Gate Input and Noise Gate Stomp to avoid unwanted noise with no or very minimal impact to the sound

      -third, I left all the original TAGs and information just normalizing the 'Amp Name', writing in clear Factory+Model and Pedals, if used in the profiling session. So, in this selection, you will find a normalized name: for example only 'Fender DeluxeReverb' instead of the various 'Fen Deluxe' or 'Del Reverb' or Fender Del Rev' etc... that is very useful when you need to compare different profiles of the same amp

      If you go to my site, on the same page I did the same work for other free rigs...

      Hope it is clear, Maybe I will add some more info on the site.

      Thanks for your time and enjoy


  • Maurizio! Hello. Do you still have all of your Phase 90 settings? The old link takes me nowhere. Looking for a sound like the intro of Luckenbach, Texas.

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  • ¿Qué tal mi nombre es Alejandro de Argentina, que leo en los foros que usted trabajó una fase 90 muy bien logrado, el enlace no funciona, existe la posibilidad de compartirlo, [email protected]


  • Hi Maurizio,

    you should really think about registering on Rockin 1000.
    Did not see you this year at Milano Event.


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  • Maurizio, this is my first post. I too and very new to KEMPER PROFILER, but have been watching, communicating and learning from You on your Gilmour solo covers and chasing the ever elusive signature tone. You sir have nailed it and I like numerous other fans and “ Kemperites” appreciate the effort and time you have gone to to share your talent, knowledge and time with us. In fact your tone for my all time favorite Gilmour solo of Time DSOT version is the reason I bought my Kemper. I am probably the last person you would expect to buy a Kemper as I am a retired 66 year old die hard David Gilmour fan from back to their Dark Side of the Moon days. I have no special musical training nor expertise in how to properly create or tailor a profile. What i do have is thankfully a lot of free time to learn and explore as well as a love for improving my guitar skills and tone crafting with my Kemper. Finding this thread from you and reading all the comments and questions from this thread has been truly enlightening. I consider this an early Christmas present. Today I will start the task of getting your backup info into My Kemper after a final back of my current profiles.

    • Lost this post an year ago man! Thanks a lot for your kind words, hope all is doing well and that you are happy with the Kemper and music word. Good luck for all your things!

  • Hi Mauricio,

    I just stumbled across a post from a while back r.e Gilmour echoes live in Gdansk rig and I am very keen to get hold of the rig but the download links aren’t working any chance you could get them for me?

    Would be very much appreciated!



  • Ciao Maurizio, ho appena acquistato un Kemper e vorrei caricare la tua bellissima parchi di Steve vai. Però non riesco più a trovarla. Puoi inviarmela? Grazie molte.

  • Happy Birthday Maurizio!

  • Ciao Maurizio, scusami se ti "importuno" via chat, per evitare di aprire topic sempre uguali... cosa mi consiglieresti ad oggi (stato dell'arte) come cassa per il Kemper? Ti ringrazio per la disponibilità.

  • Hi. Can you please send me a link to your u2 profiles you created? [email protected] :)

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