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  • Zappledan , How are you today sir? I see that you are online 2/12/23. My name is Scott in Dallas TX, I just just posted my introduction post this morning along with a question. I'm trying to load some purchased TopJimi presets. I'm hooked up to RM and have successfully copied on test preset into All Rigs > Local Library. Now need guidance. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • hey man! can you update your old Polytone impulse please?

    • I no longer have that amp. Also, I'm not sure what you mean by "update" it?

    • Sorry for my English, please, I meant updating your dropbox links, if it possible, of course

    • Those rigs are on the Rig Exchange.

  • Hi, I was after some Kemper programming. I’m based in London, where are you? Tony

    • Hi Tony. I'm in the US - not very close!

  • Hi can you post me a copy of the Dumble 1978 OD profile created by Xavio that you talk about as it has been removed from the rig exchange? mailto:[email protected]

    • done,,

    • Thanks. I think I had done that already, but I don't see where ... :)