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    I love a lot this wonderful piece from Steve. You played it greatly.

    In the past I made a sound for this song and just learned the intro. Just curious if you check/discover it...

    Please try the original setting and only set Impedance LP from 0.0 to 10.0 .

    That should make it.

    Just tested Kemper Fuzz coming from older Fuzz DS with Impedance LP set to 10.0 ... well, older sounds come back in a perfect way!

    I tested also all the Drive settings in migration from old Fuzz DS to Kemper Fuzz, all is perfect.

    I believe you will fix this in the coming OS version.

    Thanks for acting so fast, even in week end, you are a Great Team.

    It's incredible that I already liked a lot the older Fuzz DS and that this is now just 1 of thousands different snapshots of the new Kemper Fuzz.

    Don't know how many different sounds we can get and how many different experiments ... this is a DREAM Fuzz Stomp!!!!!

    Hi Maurizio,

    Is it possible to post parameter values from an old Fuzz setting and the resulting new settings, for a quick check?

    Yes Sure! Thanks for the attention.

    Fuzz DS in the test I made had Drive 7.5 Mix 100% Volume +1.4

    Than after the migration I have

    Drive 7.7 Mix 100% Volume +1.4

    Trans Shape 4.0; Trans Tone 5.0; Impedance LP 0.0; Definition 0.0; Octa 0.0

    which I hear quite different from the old original sound:.

    The sound I hear is a way too darker. It's not a matter of Drive settings but what is wrong is the Tone and the EQ.

    Doing some test I found this settings still not perfect but more and more closer to original Fuzz DS sound:

    Drive 7.7 Mix 100% Volume +1.4

    Trans Shape 0.0; Trans Tone 5.4; Impedance LP 0.0; Definition 6.6; Octa 0.0

    Attached rig and audio test ->

    OS 8.1 Fuzz DS Wrong Migration - Audio

    Really love the new Fuzz implementation, one of the best digital effects ever seen.

    I only have to advice Kemper Team that the migration from OLD Fuzz Stomp to NEW Kemper Fuzz is not correct to me, the sound is a lot different in the test I made. I will send you a couple of rigs that you can test on both Version OS 8.0.6 and 8.1.0

    Same rig sound very different in different OS. There is something to adjust here for what I discovered.


    I found in my old test and researches something similar to these...

    EQ OUTPUT --> Correct frequencies of the output EQ: Bass Shelf 150 Hz (steep); Mid Peak 600 Hz

    Treble Shelf 2400 Hz; Presence Shelf 10000 Hz; all go from -12db to +12db; Q wide < 0,7.

    EQ AMP --> Bass EQ (range -5+5 ; -12+4 dB @ 80 Hz); Mid EQ (-5+5; -7+5 dB @600 Hz)

    Treble EQ (-5+5; -12+4 dB over 10kHz); Pres EQ (-5+5; -12+12 dB @20kHz)

    But ... the Tonestack (EQ in the Stack) is different and softer. There is interaction between the controls,

    so there are no perfect frequencies that can be announced.

    I turned off the lock on the Spring Reverb, and it does the same thing. I can make another video, but this is not something I'm doing incorrectly. I've been using RM since day one.


    I can say I had the same problem with arrow key that highlight tags in the right screen instead of going to the next profile to listen to.

    Infact I come back to RM 3.0.145

    This Kemper Profiles Pack started from a collaboration with Gianpietro Collavini, long time expert and fan of Gilmour sound. I always thought that Gianpietro’s profiles were among the best ever found for HiWatt in general, so we decided to put all together and share this work with the Kemper Community.

    All the related info on the following link:


    Build this pack required a lot of effort from both of us, that's why we agreed to sell these rigs, at a fair price, as a whole full package of more than 100 RIGs.

    People interested in great rock sounds, from clean to extremely fuzz/muff distorted tones, could like them! Obviously any Pink Floyd and David Gimour fan will find them immediately inspiring and full of useful material. There are already several profiles out there and we love most of them. We believe that these rigs are not better or worse in absolute way than the others, but that they are simply very inspiring and professionally made… and for sure they add something new and different to the existing ones.

    The Kemper Profiles were all taken by Gianpietro using professional gear: an original 1972 HiWatt Head, Cabs 1×12 or 2×12 with Fane Cones and single/multi mic positioning. My work started after, selecting all the profiles, giving them an organization, tweaking/adjusting some parameters, making some volume/noise normalization and so on. In addition, I build some ready-to-go rigs for Pink Floyd songs starting from these profiles.

    At the end, in this Kemper Pack, you will find more than 100 rigs distributed as follow:

    a) 18 Profiles of pure HiWatt DR103 alone from clean to drive

    b) 82 Profiles of various Pedals over the HiWatt

    (Cornish P-1, AnalogMan SunFace, Butler TubeDriver in Single and in Double Chain, ColorSound Power Boost, Ibanez TS9, Proco RAT etc…)

    c) 10+ BONUS Profiles of ready-to-go Floyd/Gilmour songs inspired by those profiles


    Maurizio70 & Gian

    Ok ... finally, after almost ten years of listening I can partecipate also to this party. Who says FREE RIGs are not that good ... makes a big mistake!

    Below a "short" list of my preferred ones from Rig Exchange (I searched for well balanced sounds, not boomy, not dark, not too clear, well defined in all the freq spectrum, that respond well on both single and humbucker pickups, with no phasing issues, with great results on both low/high guitar octave register) ->


    3 Monkeys Orangutan from Feck

    65 Amps London from Brian Carl

    Fender Bassman from Brian Carl

    Fender Bassman from Martin Suijs

    Fender Champ from HAYS

    Fender Deluxe Reverb from Martin Suijs

    Fender HotRodDeluxe from Maurizio70 (yes, that's me ;))

    Fender VibroKing from chadrides

    Fender SUPER REVERB from GsOZZ

    Marshall DSL 20 from Ralf Stoney

    Marshall JMP50 '76 CLEAN from NIELS


    Cornford Mk50 from Fero72

    Divided13 RSA31 from Simone Bertolotti

    Engl E570 from Alex Havoc

    Friedman BrownEye BE100 from ReampZone

    Fuchs ODS 30 from Juergen Bringenberg

    Hiwatt DR103 from Gian Hook Captain34 Mk1 from Thomas Kruck

    Marshall 68 Superbass from Martin Suijs

    Marshall JCM800 from LGMTTUBEMASTER

    Marshall JMP 2203 from Liam Thompson

    Marshall JMP SuperBass100 from RockProfiles

    Marshall JTM50 from JOPTUNES

    Marshall JMP50 '76 CRUNCH from NIELS

    Marshall JVM410 from Till Schleicher

    Marshall Plexy60 from Simone Bertolotti

    Suhr PT-100 from RUPATCHE

    Trainwreck Liverpool from Pete Turley

    Victory V40 TheDuchess from Paulo Remigio

    Victory VX TheKraken from HxCguy

    Vox AC30 JMI from Samuel Heierli

    Vox AC30 TB from BLUGENIALE


    Bogner Ecstasy from, Pete Turley, Thomas Kruck

    Diezel D-Moll from Jonathan

    Engl E670 from Juanma Blanco

    EVH 5150 from ZanderKeen Productions, Deadlight Studio, FDM Studio

    Friedman BE50 Deluxe from StumblinMan

    Hotone HeartAttack from Don-XXX

    MesaBoogie Mark IV from MJ Davis

    MesaBoogie Mark V from Feckless

    MesaBoogie Mark V from gun9undo

    MesaBoogie RectifierSingle from Till Schleicher

    MesaBoogie RectifierTriple from gun9undo

    MesaBoogie Stiletto from Deadlight Studio

    Orange DarkTerror from Don-XXX

    Orange Thunder 30 from Don-XXX

    Peavey 5150 from FDM Studio

    PRS Archon from Vladimir Berns

    Randall RT503 from Don-XXX

    And, after almost ten years with my Kemper, I can add a gift for You ... if you search on my site (link below) there is a grouped/tweaked/normalized pack of the "Best Of Rig Exchange 2012-2020"!!! If you need further info P.M. me...


    Although we are forced into the houses I had to work so much in the recent months that I managed to play guitar very few time ... finally, thanks to this astronomical sound that I built I managed to record one of the most beautiful arpeggios in rock history written by Mr. David ... enjoy!

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    Hi Guys,

    just want to share with you my last creation in collaboration with my friend and composer Leo...

    I co-write this song; I did expecially the Guitar Parts and the final Solo ... for which I used ALL Kemper Sounds: an incredible Fender Vibroverb 67 for the Rhythm and a great Hiwatt DR103, both profiled at the edge of break-up, both from my first Professional Profiler ... Andy44 !!!

    If you'll have time, please take a listen to it! THANKS a lot!

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