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  • Hi Christopher. Would there be an option to add Low Cut and High Cut settings to the Cabinet, which would have priority over Low Cut and High Cut in the main output? I play electric guitar, but also electro-acoustic guitar. There is no need to change the Low Cut, but I need a different High Cut for each guitar, lower for electric and higher for electro-acoustic. I currently only use studio eq. for this change, but I uselessly block one effect path. What's great about the Kone monitor is that they can use different speakers for each rig, and even that it goes full range. I think it would also be nice for the Low and High Cut function. I tried to write in the requests, but with no positive result, and no response. Otherwise, thanks for a great product. Radek

    Please, High Cut and Low Cut

  • Happy holidays 2020, Kris to you and your extended family(workers too). Great year of improvement. Please continue to exceed our expectations.

    Stay safe and healthy,


  • Hallo Christoph, vielmals Danke, das Du Wort gehalten hast und in der Outputsektion der High- & Lowcut implementiert wurde.

    Grundsätzlich gilt, und das kann man gut bei euch sehen, dass die Kundenbindung und Produktverbundenheit durch den Service erfolgt. Chapeau!

    Ich wünsche Dir und der Mannschaft weiter viel Erfolg! Ich bleib euch treu! Boris

  • Much love!

  • Christoph, I noticed that there isn't an option to purchase t-shirts on the Kemper Website. A good friend of mine runs a printing/merchandise company in Nashville and offers great product at low prices. He would probably even help assist with a web store for merch as he currently does that for TNA Wrestling. He works with other music industry clients and is very fair. Added bonus - we are both Kemper owners. Let me know if I can connect you. Thanks for all you do! Love your Profiler. Best, Paul Kwant