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  • Hey whats up! What was the 5150 pack that you bought? Thanks!

    • Hello there, sir! I bought the Britt "Heavy Pack." It was one of his cheaper packs & that 5150iii is in that pack. There are several of them to choose from. That man can really dial in tones, huh?! ?

    • Nice! I will give that a try. Look up SinMix profiles too, they used to have a a free pack with great high gain profiles. Also Kolsen has some great ones too.

    • I checked out those guys, too! Good stuff! In the past 14 days, I've tried hundreds & hundreds of 5150iii's! So far, a Nashville Country guy has made my favorite Profiles of that amp. Go figure!? ? Britt also does a nice JCM800 in that pack, too.