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  • Hi, your Bogner XTC rigs are amazing! Have you got other rigs you didn't put on RE?
    Thank you man!!

    • Hey man, I'm a bit confused as to which rigs you are referring to? Haven't released any rigs at all so do you maybe mean someone else?


  • Dude! Holy shit, Its so cool your on here! Would you mind sharing a few cheeky profiles ;) In all seriousness awesome work dude! The latest album rips!

    • Cheers man! Thanks a ton for the kind words, absolutely appreciated! I could absolutely let you know what profiles and tweaks I used for the last 2 albums. Hit me up via pm!

  • I just saw the Infecting the Swarm link for the first time. Killer stuff! I'll be buying a copy as soon as I can :)

    • hahahaha awesome. thanks a lot man! Glad you like it! Playing in a band yourself?