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  • Hello PRSGARY, how are you?

    I was doing an online profile search over the song "is this love" from Withesnake and the results brought me to you. Just wondering if you still have it available somewhere.

    Thank you

    • Hi Marcio (?) - I am fine, and yes, I have made a bunch of changes to the profiles for that song. If you give me your email address I can send the files directly to you. There are 3; 1 for clean w/delay (main verses), 1 for the harmony part, 1 for the solo.


    • Thank you Gary, that will be amazing! My email is [email protected]

    • Hey PRS Gary,

      I was looking for this too (and have been for a while). If is not trouble, can I check your profiles for "Is This Love" by Whitesnake? Going crazy here... Lol - Been looking everywhere and all I find are not so good profiles. My email is [email protected]. Hope you get this :) I am also a PRS player by the way. Cheers!

  • do you still have your bridge of sighs rig available?

    • Strange - I had uploaded 2 rigs on the RE, now they're gone. I've played around and changed mine so many times since, I'll have to upload the newer versions. I'll let you know when I've done that.

    • Thank you

    • I just uploaded them again. Look under GS TROWER or D.Randall (the one who profiled the amp). The effect works well with many different amps, the EQ as well. There's one Clean-ish one he uses a lot, and a SOLO rig, with plenty of gain and punch. You can also hit the boost fx for live situations, like my band needs. For the end of Bridge of Sighs hit the delay fx, works great. Let me know how you like it. Cheers!

    • Ok i found them, They are Excellent im having a blast playing the Trower stuff, Thank you!!!

    • I've just discussed the best match yet with that effect - get Guido's Brit Mars 800 pack and use 01 DS1 rig - just awesome Trower sounds!

  • So sorry to hear about your terrible loss. I hope your guitar provides you some distraction and thoughts of times together.