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  • After reading you speak of the Colonial, I listened to the samples and had to have it. When the 3rd clip "double vision" and 2nd clip end hotel California was played I was moved.

    When I got it home, Played on a Les paul custom with 498T and a Charvel with JB, I was at first a bit dissapointed as I had been playing the Crank n go Soldanos (very crunchy and likely some of the brightest by Mike) and compared to that they sounded VERY muffled and flat almost like a Rockman sound.

    I have excellent Tannoy monitors, studio amps and AD converters.

    Try Britt's Soldano and then any rig in the Colonial pack and it will turn your head inside out and makes the Colonial sound like "blanket over the top".

    I also found that the Colonial rig levels are very low and to have them up with the reference "crunch" rig you have to have the amp volume at around +3.5

    Did you adjust the definitions any? I tried that but am always afraid of going too far from what was in tended. Can you offer some of your faves or suggestions?

    • The thing to understand is that the Colonial pack was created during the era when all of Mike's Profiles were a bit bass-heavy. By-default, I used to back the bass in the EQ stack off by at least 3 with everything from that time.

      A couple o' years ago Mike's Profiles suddenly changed in this regard, and for the better IMHO, having shed a lot of weight. I believe it had something to do with his changing his default cabinet in his real-world setup.

      This, I believe, should explain what you're saying. My suggestion would be to just start by dialling the "unnecessary" low end out and see how you go from there.

      I can't offer faves or any editing tricks I'm afraid; haven't played in a few years, but hopefully that'll change soonish.

    • That’s a great wee snippet of info right there. Thank you @Monkeyman 👍

    • My pleasure bro'!

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    Hopefully my suggestions via PM will help you out with that issue you were having. :)

  • I'm new, andvthis may be a dumb question, I think I read where you were saying its possible to make a folder and make a backup of the entire rig exchange? For future reference? I have an 8tb drive so space is not an issue, sre there any simple instructions or steps on how to do this? I have the very latest RE & RM installed

    • Thank you for following, augie! Good on ya mate.

      All you need to do is highlight / select all the Rigs in the Rig Exchange window in Rig Manager and drag them to a folder on your desktop or wherever.

      So, select a Rig and hit COMMAND-A if you're on a Mac, for example, then click on any of them and without letting go, drag them to your preferred destination. No need to choose copy / duplicate or whatever 'cause they're in the Exchange and cannot be accidentally (or intentionally) removed from that Rig Manager window.

      Drive space won't be an issue - it'll only be roughly 60mb if you .zip it up for storage.

      Rock on mate.

    • Hopefully that worked out for you...

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    • Thank you for your interesting knowledge and views :)

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  • Happy new year to all! <3

    Spending it alone at home as I have for many a year. Health challenges can unfortunately lead to isolation and whatnot, so I'm used to it. No biggie.

    As I usually do on this day, I spend a little extra time helping out in forums. Activity tends to dry up a bit on new year's eve so I figure it's "handy" to make myself available to those who might need some assistance. :saint:^^

    Hope you guys are all having fun and don't wake up too-hungover. :pinch:

  • Merry Christmas to all my beloved, fellow Kemperites!

    Rock on. 8):thumbup:

  • Happy birthday to me, and as I've done every year since 2001, I send my thoughts, prayers and condolences out to my American brothers and sisters on the anniversary of that tragic day. Makes it a bitter-sweet birthday every year.

    I'll never forget the shock I felt as I watched the rolling coverage for a week straight without sleeping. Hopefully the wounds in the US of A continue to heal and the memories of that tragic day become a little-less haunting as the years roll on. Seems like it was just yesterday 'though, and I'm sure many over there feel this way too, unfortunately.

    Be strong, and rock on! <3

  • Hey boi me again. Felt like bugging you some more. Do you know any well known metal profile makers? I was checking out sinmix but if there's other you know lmk. Thanks man.

    • Check out Cililab (Ivan). I like his mojo-filled, organic-sounding product. Specifically, check out his JVM pack if you like that amp; it's the best version of it out there IMHO.

      The SinMix stuff is popular and its strength IMHO is that the Profiles generally cut through the mix well. Some folks (including myself) aren't really into those chisel-edge-type sounds, but the off-axis mic'ing techniques that give rise to that phasey / harsh top-end are a legitimate approach to gaining mix cut-through in the metal genres. Isolated heavy-guitar tracks tend not to sound pretty, after all. It's how things sound in the mix that really matters, however you get there.

      The lead in the clip you posted doesn't employ this strategy from what I can tell. Rather, it relies on a decent amount of upper mids, some high-end cut and some high-pass filtering (low-end cut), to help it sit nicely in the mix..

  • Hey you helped me out a ton on one of my previous posts, I just wanted to ask something. I've been trying to achieve a solid metal tone but can't seem to work out the kinks (too much frizz, too twangy). Do you have any ideas how to emulate the tone in this video? If you're too busy or don't want to do it then don't worry about it, I appreciate the help from earlier :)

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    • No trouble at all, bro'.

      I saw your thread but can't post less than an hour apart, unfortunately, so was unable to provide suggestions.

      My immediate thought on the matter was that the lead tone was creamy, whereas the rhythms weren't, so maybe try dialling the treble back a bit (and bass for mixing purposes - reduces mix mud) and see if the lead notes poke through better.

  • Hey Kevin, welcome and thank you, mate! :D

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  • Hi mate,

    I’ve been looking at a new audio interface and noticed you had mentioned Motu - really know your stuff - a few times on the forum. With a budget of £300, I’ve been looking at a used Motu Audio Express(£210), Ultralite MK3(£300)or a 4pre(. They offer the SPDIF I/o and many other features etc that new models don’t. I’m thinking they’re still a better bet than most I can find on offer today. I’m struggling to compare specs as I’m a bit of a noble in this area.

    Would you still recommend one of these over newer interfaces at a similar cost: id22, 8i6 and the other usual suspects.

    One other thing I’m bothered about is the headphone output, I’d like to hear the Kemper as best as possible.

    much appreciated, Dean

    • Hey Dean,

      The UltraLite Mk3 is not only the most-powerful of the units you mention, but it's the latest (may be the last-ever - who knows?) incarnation of the UltraLite line which has been, AFAICT, super-popular and much-loved. You really couldn't go wrong with one of these IMHO.

      Unless you need four simultaneous mic pre's, you might as well forget about the 4pre 'cause you'd be paying for redundant features.

      With the Audio Express you're likely to run into input-channel shortages sooner than with the UltraLite, but if you're sure you won't require anything beyond the 2 x mic / gtr, 2 x line and S/PDIF inputs simultaneously, it's a fine choice IMHO.

      The issue that inevitably arises when using small interfaces such as these is a shortage of inputs (outputs, not so much) as one's studio / music room / equipment collection grows, which is why I recommended the UltraLite MK3 at the outset - 10 ins and 14 outs - plenty, you would think.

      I wouldn't worry about sound specifications 'cause these units deliver. The AVB line offers an improvement in technical spec's, but honestly at this point in time the differences have become negligible between most modern interfaces and not worth worrying about IMHO.

      That said, this unit offers 192kHz analogue input and 96kHz S/PDIF I/O (Kemper's upper limit), so if you're ever feeling "esoteric", you could go there. Personally, I wouldn't bother; 44,1kHz or 48kHz are fine with me... and Christoph Kemper, FWIW.

      Lastly, thank you for your support, Dean. Go you good thing, mate, and let us know how your purchase turns out!


    • Thanks for the detailed response - great help!

      I’ve just watched videos of the Ultralite and think it’ll be too complex for my basic needs. You’re right about the 4pre, I think the Audio Express would be perfect.

      I’m a good thing going! ?

    • LOL Best response I've ever received to saying, "Go you good thing", mate.

      Makes sense. Enjoy, brother.


    • That response is the best thing I’ve brought to this forum. ?

    • Ha! Besides yourself, that is. :)

  • Welcome to my glorious wall, Mat, and more-importantly, welcome to the forum, brother.

    May you and your KPA get along like newly-weds. :)

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    The honour is all mine, I'm sure. ;)

  • Hey Monkey_Man I've been reading your posts about SSD5. I'm using them for writing drums for my project but I'm a bit in the dark as far as velocities go. I'm trying to figure out what is the range of the velocities as and what that velocity curve does to the samples. I don't seem to comprehend what the manual says about this. The songs I'm writing are in the "old school with a modern approach Thrash Metal" vein. For instance, I have the snare and kick at a 115 velocity with double kicks alternating between 115 and 105 to 100 but I don't hear much of a difference between the two hits. I would like to ask if you have any info or tips to share about SSD 5 as there's absolutely no info on the Net about this. Thanks for taking the time to read this and enjoy the rest of your weekend.


    • Hey Chris,

      I haven't installed it (long story, but no audio software running ATM), so I can't test it for you.

      My understanding is that the velocity control should function as it does with most synths and VI's. That is, the more you crank it, the less range you'll have to work with. IOW, it compresses the velocity values "upwards" so that lower-velocity values are raised to the point where eventually, at 100%, all of them will be at 127.

      So, in your situation where you want to hear the "proper" difference between 115 and 100/105, you'd theoretically leave it switched off or at minimum-slider / "0" value. This way the maximum difference between velocities for that particular kit should be apparent. IOW, "1" should be ultra-quiet and "127" full-on.

      Make sense?

      Personally I've always viewed this sort of feature as a quick-and-dirty means of raising the minimum values in a MIDI track in order to even out levels. It's available as a plugin in my DAW (Digital Performer), and in this case it's called "Compression", meaning that it compresses the range within which the incoming velocities are distributed. It can function as a realtime plugin, compressing incoming velocities from your controller, or as mentioned, work on existing MIDI tracks.

      HTH, mate. ;)

    • Thank you for taking the time to explain this mate. I think it makes sense, so I will give it a try in the morning and see if that makes a difference.

      I'm not sure if tomorrow is a public holiday in VIC but it is here in SA. Well, if it's there as well, enjoy it my friend.



    • Yeah, Adelaide Cup day where you are and Labor Day here. My dad's actually over there buying a house right now; he's moving to Adelaide after having "lost everything" a few months ago. Turns out house prices are too-high for him to be able to afford anything here, and even 'though rent's high where you are, buying prices are still way below what they are here. Now both parents will be interstate - mum's been in Bathurst for 15 years and Dad'll be in SA.

      No worries mate. I hope fo both our sakes that the velocity control parameter works as I described; it'd be both handy and, as I suggested, the standard way of doing things.

      Cheers Chris,


    • Me, my wife and son emigrated from the UK about 3 years ago on a regional sponsored visa which meant that we had to live and work regional for 2 before applying for permanent residence visa. We lived in Tamworth NSW for a year, as Northern Inland was the region that sponsored us but it was a total disaster as although my wife's profession (town planner) was in demand, there was no work for her there. Plus the place was a dive. We moved here in Adelaide, as it's considered regional for some reason. Both of us have work, the rent is cheaper for what you get but it's still not Sydney or Melbourne. I live 10 min away from the beach near Glenelg. We will never be able to afford a similar place like the one we are in now in those cities because the prices are sky high. We decided to go back to the UK as we find that life without family and friends here is difficult. Especially with a baby on the way and no help from the government as we are still waiting for the PR visa to come through. I originally come from Athens, Greece and left in 2013 to go to the UK due to the bad economy Greece was in (and still is). So, Australia is very similar to Greece climate-wise but obviously everything works here and you get paid when you work. But I still miss my home, family and friends.

      Sorry for the long reply but I felt I could write this when I read about your Dad moving here. I think it's a nice place to retire and enjoy the sun and sea. I hope he gets back on his feet as soon as possible.

    • That's very-kind of you, Chris.

      Yeah, he's been forced to retire now by his missus, as we say Down Under. As you say, it should be a great place for him.

      Yup, home, family and friends. My original home is S. Africa, my family is everywhere but where I am, and friends pretty much disappeared once I'd been ill and housebound for a few years. Point being I can definitely understand how you feel, brother.

      Anyway, onwards and upwards to better things - please make sure you report back on the SSD thing, Chris.

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  • Hi, Back in 2018 , November there was some signature delays of Hank Marvin / The Shadows

    I cannot open that file. Is it possible lease you can resend it here.

    I am a 60's fan & would be most grateful for these - Thank You

    • Richard, PM me your email address I'll send my archive to you. Attachments can't be added to Wall posts or PM's, unfortunately.

      I've got the thread link, 2 PDF's and all 13 Presets for you; that's everything there was.

    • Thanks So Much Mate

      email: [email protected]



    • Done, Richard. :)

  • Hi Nicky, are your private messages enabled?

    • Hey Brother Tomasz.

      Yeah, and I just checked - I'm at 97% full, so you should be good-to-go, mate.

  • I know we don't agree on politics, but you're still good people in my book, and I wanted to give my condolences about your nephew. It must be a tough time for you and your family, but try to think of the good times you guys had and be there for his family.

    • Thank you so much, mate.

      Very thoughtful of you, and I appreciate this very-much! <3

  • Welcome to the club, BB! 8)

    There's a bowl of free nose pegs at the door for those who can't handle the beer-and-cigarette-butt-infused carpet. Drinks at the bar are free of course, but there's a catch - German brews only . :pinch:

  • Welcome, Dale! You da man, bro'. 8)

    If you do end up doing those demos at MIGS next year, and if you have the time and are up to it, you're more than welcome to pop over and order some free beer in 7 languages - I need to hear that!

    German will have to one of the languages, 'cause I only have German brews in the fridge. :D

  • THX a lot, mate!


    And belated best wishes! ;)

    • Wow! What an honour, and thank you, Maestro.

      Steve would've been proud of that clip, mate. I loved your note choices and the fusion flavour just at the right times. Honestly, superb!

    • I know Luke loves my stuff too, we chat from time to time....THX again for your nice words, mate! ;)

    • Well of course he loves your stuff too!

      The man has great taste. 8)

  • Happy birthday to me.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to my American brothers and sisters on this sad day, as always.

    • The date might well read as the 12th; it was midnight on-the-dot when I posted. Birthday is of course on the 11th.

  • Hi Mate,

    Thank you for your Interest, detailed reply, advice and information.

    This is exactly the response that I was hoping for so good on you for offering to do this.

    The Rig Manager is working perfectly thanks to your kind sharing the older Kemper software which now means that mine is now an inclusive experience that I can take part in as we all cant have the latest OS and Mac to run the new version on.

    It seems to me that Kemper are missing a trick here as I am sure that I am not the only one in this position and hosting older versions along side the newer ones makes sense?

    Many thanks

    Best wishes


    • No worries, Paul; my pleasure, mate.

      Yes, that makes sense IMHO. I can't see the harm done if Kemper decided to add a "Legacy" category to the download filters that allowed one to grab the latest update for each of, say, Mac OS 10.6, 10.7 and so on and of course for Windows where appropriate.

      Either this, or there could be an easily-visible statement in the download section directing us to contact support for legacy versions.

      As I said to you via email, if the WeTransfer link expired before you were able to grab the OS, that would've been just-fine 'cause Kemper is happy to provide legacy versions to those who require them.

      I, and I assume many others, didn't / don't realise this, especially because they're not available for download on the main Kemper site. The team has informed me in the interim 'though that, as I said, it's happy to provide whatever one needs via support ticket.

      I posted this information in your thread in the hope that it'll save someone else from panicking at some point in the future. We're not supposed to share Kemper software according to our EULA's, apparently. Non-commercial Rigs and Presets, yes, but firmware and apps, no.

      Take care brother, and glad to have been of service,


  • Thank you for following, Brother Paul!

    I'll keep an eye on that torrent; hopefully it works for you and fingers crossed the version/s of Rig Manager are compatible with your firmware. ;)

  • Wouldnt happen to know anything about this?

    Kemper rack keeps asking for version 7.0 update

    • Hey brother,

      As I said in your other thread, I had to go help my sister on her big night and between being there 5 hours early for food prep and then the night itself, I haven't been able to surf the interwebs for more than 24 hours.

      So glad you got it sorted and that you're now enjoying all the possibilities (especially all those Rigs!) that RM's opened up for you, and that's not even to mention the ability to categorise everything into your own custom folders. Woohoo! 8o

  • Hey modelguitarist, thank you for following, mate!

  • Hey Nicky,

    I guess I missed whatever drama caused Frank to be banned. Seems like he was a real good contributor, so I can't even imagine what he did. Anyway, it looks like all of his vids no longer work, and I can't seem to find his stuff on YouTube, either. Do you know if he just completely pulled the plug on his content sharing and everything once things went south here on the forum? Or maybe I am just not searching for the right things on the forum or YouTube, itself.

    Cheers mate,


    • Hey Jeff,

      The vids embedded in the forum don't work 'cause he pulled all his YouTube clips and his posts here linked to them, so I don't think it has anything to do with your search methods.

      Last I heard a while back was that he was still tweaking and sharing Rigs upon-request with a buddy of mine, so I'll email him and ask if there's anything he's willing to share and get back to you when I hear back from him.

      That's all I can think of and the best I can do, matey, so I hope it'll help.

      Take care man,


    • Much appreciated, sir!

    • No worries, brother.

      Email already-sent. It's 7AM here and he's an Aussie too so we'll likely have to wait 'til the end of the day before I'll have any news for you.

      Sit tight, man. ;)

    • OK, it's a no-go I'm afraid, Jeff.

      He apparently only gets commercial Profiles he's bought tweaked occasionally.

      Sorry I couldn't be of more help, brother.

    • No worries, my friend. Thanks for trying!