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  • Hello,

    I just bought F-Man SB (LiquidProfiles) and BMan SF 69 (LiquidProfiles). I love them!

    The date was 26.11.2023.

    Now I saw your sale on Liquid Combination Pack (LiquidProfiles) 59,95 €.

    If I only knew that was coming… Is there anyway to get SLO, JuMP-50 and M800-KK for some kind of reduced price, because I just bought other two?

    My email is [email protected]

    • Yes no problem... Did you purchase those 2 for 9,95 each...?

    • Hello,

      It was 21,14 € total. (Black Friday total € 30,20 - 30 %).

    • Okay, if you transfer € 35 to my paypal account [email protected] , would that be okay for you..?

      That is almost 30% discount on the three leftovers..

      I will send the packs by mail, unfortunately we can't do this by using the webstore because it's an automated process..

    • I sent you € 35 by PayPal. I will wait for an e-mail. Thank you!

    • Thank you!! The packs are send by mail!!

  • Hi Bert,

    I bought your SLO profiles but it looks like the downloadable file is damaged. The zip file 92k and the content all zero bytes. My email is [email protected]


  • Hello,

    I just ordered you new Filmo pack. I used Paypal as payment.

    Unfortunately, I have not received the profiles at my email address.

    Could you helpme please?

    Thank you

    • Hi kickstrat,

      Thank you for purchasing my profiles.

      After purchasing you’ll get almost immediately a confirmation mail containing a download link.

      It’s possible your mailprovider is routing this confirmation mail to your junkmail/trash/spambox. Sometimes it’ll even be rejected..

      Please check your providers junkmail box by using your browser and log in to your mailprovider (DON’T USE your pc’s mail application).

      If you can’t find anything please send me a message.

      If this happens, apologies for the inconvenience !!

      Best, Bert

    • Thank you Bert. I appreciate your help

  • HI Bert, I own both the F-Man and Redplate packs - I am interested in the Wisselord pack. Are you extending loyalty discounts in this situation - or is it only for folks that have previously bought "everything"? Thanks.

    • Of course you can get the discount !! Didn’t you receive an email..? The code is WS18

    • Thanks so much!

  • Hi Bert. I didn't receive an Email for the discount code. How many packs qualify for a loyal customer?I have 3 packs so far.
    Getting great reviews so far! Cheers David

    • I think you're pretty loyal haha......code is WS18

    • Many thanks Bert. I have bought the pack, and awaiting its arrival.

    • You have to get a confirmation mail with the link. Could be arriving in your spam..,

  • Hi Bert,
    Ik heb zaterdag het F-Man pack gekocht via en nog niets ontvangen, ik zag net dat er ook een webstite is. Ben ik gewoon ongeduldig of is er iets fout gegaan?
    Groeten, Ed

    • Hi Ed, ik begreep dat je contact hebt gehad met Bas... Is het in orde nu...? Laat het me even weten. Groeten, Bert

    • Hi Bert,
      Ik heb contact gehad met Bas, het zat in mijn spam folder.... (schaamrood op de kaken)
      Dus ik had het gewoon ontvangen, ik kan niet wachten om ze vanavond te proberen
      Bedankt voor het reageren!
      Groeten, Ed

    • Oké, top dat het gelukt is !!! Enjoy :)

    • I'm sorry man, I misunderstood my webstore manager. It's correct that Montenegro is on the Paypal List, it isn't on the webstore list.. I can do nothing about that, it's a provider thing but you can fill in any country on the order form because we don't send you anything by mail. So if you fill in Italy or any fake address it should be working

  • Hi Bert
    I tried with the other country but a bug in the post code immediately came up
    You webstore manager is not right ...
    I have a paypal account ...

    My state is

    Crna Gora or somewhere Montenegro

  • Hi Bert
    I can not buy your profiles because my country is not on the list so I can not fill the form with my personal information ...
    Can you add Montenegro to the list of countries?

    • I'm gonna pass this one through to my webstore manager. I'll be back to you asap. Have you try to fill in another country..? Sometimes this works..

    • Hi Nikola, I'm very sorry, Paypal hasn't Montenegro on it's list so Am I told by my webstore manager. Perhaps you can try another country... I had some guys in Turkey and Thailand who did the same and is worked out well

  • Bert, I recently purchased the Fman and the Redplate profiles. I am having some trouble getting the Fman to extract the zipped files. It's saying there is an invalid file name and I cannot get the profile files. my order # is 2460. I am not sure how else to get a hold of you. I tried to email you but I don't think that worked. Help?

    • Hi sb, I think didn't recieve that email....can you send me your email address in a pm on this forum or a facebook messenger message ?
      Thanks man

  • Hi Bert,

    What would you recommend for a small live set up, with an "amp in the room" feel as a starting point?

    • Well, I can tell you what my main 6 presets are for my live set-up.. 1) Jacky NC30 A1 (clean, pack #2), 2) BEC ch 2 plexi (very versatile preset, stomp 2 adds a bit more gain, pack #1), 3) Big-B C1 (crunchy, pack #2), 4) Katz C1 (more gain, pack #2, stomp 2 tunrns it into a lead sound), 5) BEC ch3 boost (dist, pack #1), 6) BEC XTC ch3 B (lead sound, pack #1). I hope this will help a bit..Cheers, Bert

    • Hi bert,

      Thnx for taking time to answer!
      Ill surely Copy Paste this and see If this works for me also.

      However, i was looking for your experience in powering the kkemper on small stages. What do use when theres no pa / stage monitoring or iem?

    • I would say you can take any amp that has a loop/return. Go from Kemper monitor out to return. You can switch off cab when you're using mon out. Sounds great !! Only thing is it's mono... but also the powered KPA is mono..

  • Ah forgotten my e mail address: [email protected]

  • Hi Bert, could you do me a favour and send me the backing track of your new soundfile? Id like to try a tune with my gibson and the cae profile. Wich one of the cae profil did you use on your tune. I am just noodling around with the CA 3+ ch3 lead mw , pu's switched in middle position. cheers Frank