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  • Hi,

    in the "Tone Queen" Rig Pack I just bought and downloaded, all 8 available Rigs have their gain set to zero and sound almost the same (completely clean).

    Did I miss something, or do I need an updated zip file with the correct rigs/gain settings maybe?

    Vielen Dank und schöne Grüße,


    • Hi,

      Please send me an email. Thx!

      Cheers Guido

  • I just bought a few packs, I love the but except for the martial vinmod, seems to be something wrong with them, they sound really beefy,nasal and wobbly ... Is this how they should sound ? Thx Raf

    • THX for your purchase!

      well, this is how the original amp sounded. Of course it's not an METAL amp. It's more a typical 70's sounding amp. beside this you should definitely switch of "Pure cabinet" to get the original profile sound. THX

    • Definatly not my cup of tea... ?

  • Hi guido

    bought 2 profile packs today but havent had the email/downloads yet. Purchased others a few days ago and they were fine, so not sure if these new ones went to my correct email etc?



    • Hi,

      Thx for your purchase!

      The shop system automatically sent an email receipt to your given address (and not to your PayPal address).

      Please check your spam folder as well!

      The download links are inside your receipt . Just click on them to download. :)

      Cheers Guido

    • spam folder it is, thanks!

  • Sometimes, you approach something with low expectation. Like when you buy a couple of profiles for 5,95....

    ...and then you're blown away. Your LoWatt-profiles sound so good! Thanks for making these! :)



    • Thx man! I'm happy to hear this! :)

      Cheers Guido

  • Hi,

    are the rig pack profiles of you Guidorist merged profiles? I need Direct amp profiles for playing live.

    All the best from Vienna,


    • Hi Andy,

      Yes, most of our rigs are merged (Meaning Direct and studios mixed together) If you use "Monitor Cab off" on your KPA you're getting a direct profile.

      Cheers Guido

  • Hi there,

    Purchased the milkman profiles, but not received any notification on how to download..

    Can you help ?



  • Hi Guido

    I love your profiles!

    I know about your big package 1. but I was wondering if you have an everything kemper pack?


  • Hi Guidorist, I couldn't find the answer to this in the existing forum threads, so I was hoping you could help me out. I understand that the Angel Shouter has been added to Big Package 1. If I've already purchased Big Package 1 previously, will I get this update for free, or do I have to purchase it separately? Thanks!

    • Hi man, just download your package again and enjoy the new Angel Shouter. THX! ;) Cheers Guido

    • Awesome! Thanks, Guido

  • Hi Guido, very compliments for all your packs!
    Can you try to profile with another guitar without EMG?
    I listen a little bit compression in the rigs: EMG is sparkle and I think you compress in Nivi 1073 Preamps to balance the sound... is it right or I'm the only one that hear it? :)
    I use passive pickups.

    • Hi Man,
      Many THX!! I find out that the EMG work absolutely great for profiling. If it works with this, it works great with other guitars as well... I'm sorry that you have this problem with compression. You're the only one until now who have this problem. ;) But I don't understand why your rigs are compressed on your KPA because we never use compression during profiling (I think it would work in o way) Cheers Guido

  • Will the new merged Pvy JSX merged pack have profiles with different gain stages?

  • Thank you very much.

  • Guido, I purchased a bunch of your profile Complete Packages yesterday. On one purchase I accidentally bought a Diesel Age-Single when I meant to buy the Diesel Age-Complete Package. Can I pay the difference and get the Diesel Age-Complete Package?

    • Hi Chris, I just sent you the complete package. Enjoy! And thx again! :) Cheers Guido

  • im looking for a good Fender Twin Reverb Profiles

  • Hello, Guido, i want to purchase some of your amazing Kemper profiles! i want to use PayPal, in USD , but everytime i go to purchase it is in your currancy. Any help, please?

    • Hi Zamar, Many THX! You can pay in your currency and PAYPAL automatically converts it to EURO at check out. ;)

    • cool, thx, i thought that was the case. U play Luke GREAT, and i have been a fan of his since the very first Toto album!

    • I love Luke. We chatted a few times and he said he loves my style as well. :)

    • Great endorsement from Luke, for U, my friend! :D. I met him once at an Ernie Ball seminar w/Steve Morse and i think Sterlng Ball. Wish i could have listen to Luke talk for hours, but it was still great to meet one of my guitar 'mentors'!

    • love ur Bognar profile, looking to get more , once i figure how to load/save/backup/etc haha ;op

  • Hi Guido. I intended to buy some of your profiles, but the checkout process is requiring that I enter my address and phone number, which I object to. Is there another option? Thanks!

    • Hi man, as long your name and email address is true it just works with just fictive data. :)

    • Gotcha. Thanks.

    • You're welcome

  • Hi quick question if that's ok. A couple of your clean profiles eg the voice15 1 and one of the clean rockaverbs pop really loudly on my dxr10. I have lowered my clean sense lots and the volume of the profile but it still happens when I hit the strings hard. It doesn't happen on the other profiles at all. The question is: can you think of any reason this might be or any suggestions on how I can solve the issue? They are great profiles so I'd like to work this out and keep using them.

    • HI, I'm glad you like the profiles! In some cases, specially if you're using hot Bridge Humbuickers the the Master LED flashes red if you're hitting the strings REALLY hard. I have that too but it's nothing dangereous beacuse the Kemper is capable to handle high peaks WITHOUT clipping or distortion the signal. I noticed this behavior in a lot of other seller's rofiles as well. If you really hear a clipping then just just lowering the amp volumen a bit. That's all. ;)

    • Hi thx for getting back. This isn't the answer as I've done that already and lowered the clean sense lot. Also the pups aren't very hot. Strangely it's only on a couple of the clean profile. I will try removing them from the kemper and downloading them again in case there's been some corruption of those files. My confusion is why it would happen on Voice15 1 but not voice15 2 with exactly the same settings and guitar. Very odd. But the profiles are excellent!

    • As I said, as long as you can't here a clipping, everything is fine. Speaking for myse I never heard any clipping on the profiles. :)

  • Great profiles! The Soldariu and Britt800 are very clear and precise.

  • Hi Guido, ich komme nicht an die neuen Profile. Hab mein Password reseted und jetzt sagt deine Seite ich soll 24h warten. So'n Mist, nen Gutscheincode finde ich auch nirgendwo (-;

    • Hi Frank, das tut mit leid zu hören. Ich kann da leider auch nix machen. :) LG Guido

  • Danke für die schnelle Antwort. BTW habe gerade eine performance mit 5 sounds vom jsx gespeichert (a la Steve Vai). Der Amp ist echt der Kracher!!

    • Wow, das freut mich doch sehr zu hören! :-))

  • Erledigt. Habs im Netz gefunden, da steht du spielst daddarion exl 120. Das sind die gleichen die ich auch benutze.

  • Hi Guido, welche Saitenstärke spielst du auf deiner Luke. Ich bin mit 009-042 Daddario auf meiner Music man unterwegs und will evtl. umsteigen auf 009-046.

  • siehe unten

  • Hi Guido, lies dir mal in der deutschen Ecke den thread M Britt Profiles durch. Hast nen neuen Fan.