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  • Hello, I'm new to the Kempe, just got it a week and a half ago and doing my first gig with it Saturday. So nervous about it... Anyway, I saw one on the pics you posted of your rack. I will really need to add a patch panel like yours. I don't need anyone reaching in and plugging/unplugging and breaking things (as they do) do you remember the brands you used, and where you got them? I've briefly searched but didn't find much.

    Thanks so much- John

    • All connectors are from neutric, the rackmount dunno adam hall maybe ? ordered it all from thomann , german online shop !

      good luck !

    • Thanks!

  • When using the morph function , the second row is ti visualise the amount of morph being used , the 2 leds are only used when morhping

  • Hey did you figure this out: "Also what are the second row leds for (1 to 5)"???