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    Personally I always go for merged profiles and leave the IR for what it is from the profile.

    My to go profiles are the BE100 and SLO liquid ones from Mattfig ... I do use a seymour duncan powerstage 700 to drive a zilla 2x12 cab and adjust its EQ to taste without touching the profile


    Yes, I can't believe guys that work on large stages with lots of lights aren't Also constantly begging for this. With each new update, I hope...and...Nope, Not this one either. Layout C shows us it CAN be done. Kemper Guys Please make a Layout D with the big fonts for "Rigs" So we can see what we are doing during a show. I and I'm sure many others use the Kemper like I do, and Need this. I'll pay you, really. Let me know what you want. (I won't tell anyone. I promise)

    I also one suggested to change the display colour when in morph state instead of just the lit button :) ... should be easy peasy to implement (not for remote)


    So, how do you use liquid profiles with the Kemper Stage? There’s no burn feature on the Stage. At least I don’t see one. So…? :huh:

    When on the latest firmware, selecting the AMP block will show the tone stack that was used ... older profiles will state "Kemper Generic" , clicking on it will pop up all tonestacks from the original amps currently available ..

    With a liquid profile this is already labeled in that field !


    Tried mostly Mbritt,Topjimi,Bungenstock and BMEU ... now I only kept the ones from Mattfig

    To be honnest, you'll probably find gems with all of them ...

    For me the mattfig sounded more "alive" so decided to delete the rest

    Now with the whole liquid profiling it's actualy a pre and post profile era ... I would'nt even consider getting older ones.

    For some reason I never touched any knobs (except definition) on older profiles, I just moved on to the next if I didn't like it.

    With the liquids I am more comfortable playing with the tonestack ... I could easily live with just Mattfig's SLO pack, just that nothing else !

    Some amp channel turning the gain and voila a crunch sound, ....

    I'll buy probably a future bogner pack, maybe one clean ... I do hope that all profilers will add performances, nice lush leads etc ... They do have "less" work now due to the liquids !


    Guys, with the liquids coming in ... Now more than ever I guess putting a drive in front of an amp is the way to go ... in the past I looked for profiles with embedded overdrives/distortions ...

    My experience with the drives are not that great because of lack of knowledge about the behavior ...

    I put a drive with nog gain in front of the amp but it sucked the life out of the sound (probably compressing the whole thing)

    Also the list is so long from drives to choose from ... I'd go for the TS because that what everybode seems to do :p

    Anyway is the general rule to choose an amp with less gain and boost it with a distortion ?

    What are the geneal rules? What are the ideal settings ? for the drive and the profile that is ?

    Thanks a lot for the upcoming answers ;)


    I do believe that there is a pre and post liquid profile era ... now with this new thing there will be a rush from vendors to get packs out ... just because of this new thing my bet is that ppl will only be interested in buying these new liquid profile embedded rigs ... which makes sense I guess

    That does not mean that the "old" ones are bad, not at all ! but this new kid on the block makes us tick and more curious about the future sounds


    Now the manual says

    For [Liquid ] PROFILING, it is preferable to set the gain control of your reference amp to the maximum position

    Now I really should try out the very first Mattfig rigs, because on paper they seem perfect for adding LP / Tonestacks?!


    I added it to his SLO Mofo pack and it shines even more !