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  • My post : Don't want liquid profiling.

    You wrote: Since this opinion has been shared with the world, this thread really serves no more purpose, I guess.


    I wrote the question: Will it be a choice or does that mean My updating days will be over soon?

    It wasn't an opinion, but a question. It turned into an opinion thread after some comments.

    Sorry if not needing something new rubs anyone the wrong way, it was not my intention, only to ask the question.

  • Moin Don und schöne Ostern!

    Das Löschen meiner Posts aus dem NAM- Thread habe ich nicht verstanden.

    Und ich wurde zitiert und das steht noch?

    Grüße aus HH


  • You might as well delete my post. If I can't answer posts and give my side of my experience, there's little point in it being there

  • Why in the world would you trash my post when I'm using caps to clearly define either buttons or sections within my Rig Manager? It's an immense waste of time.

  • @DonPetersen why was my post trashed because "OT"?

    What is that?

    • OT means off topic -

      the 'gems'-thread is only for posts of great rigs from the Rig Exchange only,
      no comments or other posts are allowed since this would dilute the information gathered in this thread
      (as has happened in so many other threads in this forum)



  • Hi Don. I'm really sorry about clogging up the "Share your music" section of the forum, thanks for collating my posts.

    • Hi,
      no worries :)
      Thank you for understanding!

  • Thank you for closing the Kabinet with more power thread.

  • Hi Don,

    Hope all is well. I am having problems syncing up RM walk-with my profiler (all just updated, MAC). It's giving me performance from years ago only, nothing at all current or edited. I have submitted a support ticket so I'll m not asking to you help out.

    I happened to map out your company's headquarters - turns out I played up the street from you guys, opening for Procol Harum several years ago in Wuppertal (I'm from the US if you don't recall). Thought that was cool.

    All the best.


    • Hi Gary,

      great to hear from you!

      That is awesome - opening for Procul Harum, wow!

      Sorry to hear about your RM troubles, I'm sure the support will find a solution. :)



  • Hello Don! I see you closed that Kemper, AMS EZ payments thread. I was going to update with a note I got from Kemper US. He told me this:

    "That is wrong. That would have been me that made that call. They want US to pay for financing and we don’t, so sounds like they are trying to blame us for not offering THEIR financing."

    So who knows what really happened. All I know is I want a pair of powered Kabs asap. Thanks


    • good info, thanks.

      I'll re-open the thread in case you want to add this. :)

  • Hey Don,

    I saw your post in the thread about Fuzz not working with Kemper. It is appears you are the Father of Fuzz so I hope you do not mind if I ask a question.

    I recently built a Silicone Fuzz kit and I am trying to get the glassy tone like in the Pete Thorn video. Is that possible with a Silicone Transistor or does it have to have Germanium in it?

    I did try with my old 80s MIJ Fernandes copy with the Kemper and one of my tube amps. I could not get that sound. Maybe it is the guitar? Or maybe it is not possible with Silicone transistors.

    If it possible, any good Kemper profiles you would recommend for it?

    Thanks for time


  • why you erased my questions?

    about wah midi and RM presets?

    • because you started multiple threads all with CAPS LOCK titles - as I wrote in the reason for deletion

  • I saw that you deleted my post in the Rig Exchange Gems thread.

    Not a big deal - but so I don't do it again..... what was wrong with it?

    • you didn't mention specific rigs from the rig exchange as is required in this thread - and you mentioned commercial sellers and that you bought packs from them ;)

    • Ahh..... Got it. I can't resist asking.......when will the iPad app & wireless be released? ;)

  • hola don,

    Como puedo tener el rig manager en 2 computadoras diferentes con la misma local library?

  • Hi Don, do you still have the colorsound wah settings? I'm looking for them all over the forum, but can't find anything.

  • warum war das Bedanken für den Hinweis ot?

    • Hallo,

      der Rig Exchange "Gems" Thread ist ausschliesslich zum Posten von Rigs.
      Kommentare und 'Danke'-Posts nehmen schnell überhand und verwässern so eine sehr wertvolle Ansammlung von Infos.
      Am besten einfach den 'like'-button benutzen.




      Dies ist übrigens der einzige so streng unter Aufsicht stehende Thread im ganzen Forum ;)

  • Hi Don, i remember coming across some cool helpful fuzz settings you had shared. I’m trying to find the post again but I can’t. Do you mind sharing that post if it’s still up or just filling me in on some more options. I’m going for that Hendrix / Eric Johnson fuzz.

    thank you!


  • Hi Don,

    I wish to inquire about best amp - kemper settings for electric finger picking. Would it go best under profiler discussion or tips - tricks? Wish to post in the correct location.


    • Hi Mookytc
      thanks for your inquiry :)
      I guess Profiler - questions & answers.

      Tips & Tricks is really more about posting tips and tricks, not questions.

      My tip (without really knowing what you are looking for):
      Try the Compression parameter in the AMPLIFIER module.



    • Will try it thanks!

  • Hi Don,

    I noticed you have just moved my thread "What I Hear Is Not What I Get" from general forum to private commercial third party rigs discussion. Although the thread might look as a discussion on a particular rig, my question was a general one - I have/had the issue with Kemper in general and used that rig just in order to demonstrate my case (meaning since this is supposedly a high quality rig we can take the possibility of the rig being of low-quality out of the equation and I would like to find out what the problem really is). I would like to have some more feedback and fear that moving the thread to this section won´t help it much. Do you think you could please reconsider?

    Thank you


    • "my question was a general one" - and was certainly understood as such by the commentators.

    • Hi,

      thanks for your message.

      The deciding factor in this is that any commercial content is permitted only in the commercial areas of the forum.

      This reflects our wishes and the wishes of the vast majority of users.



    • Ok, I see. I´m a bit sad about that but I can understand. Thanks anyway.


    • in the first post of that thread you embedded a youtube demo of a commercial rig pack, regardless of context, this thread can only exist in the Third party Rigs subforum.

    • As I said, I´m fine with that. Nevertheless, before joining the forum I did read the guidelines (Forum Guidelines) and no such rule is indicated there so maybe you might care to update, given you are so strict with the thread placement, to prevent surprises of a kind.

      Anyway, I am still getting replies (which I feared I won´t), so in the end I don´t mind.

  • Hi Don,

    Based on your white noise I created sound samples of Vox Big Bad Wah which was demanded in the forum. Let me know your email if you're interested to share it with others :)

    BTW: I wasn't able to send you PM. It gave me the following message:


    Juan Honzales

  • Hi Don

    Great work on all the wah info. X thank you

    Do you also have a colour sound wah template there? I recall you mentioning something about it?

    kind regards


  • Hi Don,

    wollte dich gern per Mail kontaktieren (deine Inbox ist hier voll), wäre cool, wenn du mir kurz eine Nachricht an [email protected] schicken könntest! Beste Grüße, Miguel

  • Don- I am a new kemper owner. I have just profiled my main amp to gig with and could not get my custom fuzzface profile to take. I know it won't work even so with the single coil to fuzzface interaction that I am so used to (this may be the death of the kemper for me). I was doing a search and found your post about your germanium fuzz and you sound like me and my quest. I have about 8 fuzzes custom done with NOS transistors and have ONE that I LOVE>

    My Rig=1971 small box marshall with 4x12 scumbacks, so pretty traditional. I am itching to replace it, but NEED this sound a few times a night!

    Anyway, I can't seem to locate your fuzz recreation. Usually use it in conjunction with a klon (to get some mid back), and have profiled that, but need the fuzz!!!!

    thanks for your help.

    Rich Morpurgo

    • Hi Rich,

      here‘s the setting I used to emulate my FF: my germanium Fuzz Face

      It will be different from your FF, but maybe I can help you with that.

      Send me a PM, please.



    • Thanks Don.

      I can't PM you, as the forum says you have too many conversations going.

      I'll ask here,

      how do you have the 'MIX' Control set? Is it the "old" one from the choices?


      I usually use the fuzz into a klon (both gained down) and that is what I love. I have done profiles of my amp with the Klon on, but the fuzz won't profile because of the noise while hooked to the kemper. VERY quiet with the amp, so I am sure its that impedance thing with the single coil pickups.

      Anyway, thank for your help.

  • Don -

    You moved a post of mine into the owner's area (looking for EVH profiles). Trouble is, I am using a loaner KPA; since I'm not the owner, I'm not registered as an owner and I now cannot respond in the thread that I started. Could I request that you move it back?


    • Hi,

      the thread included multiple posts about commercial Profiles, which is why it had to be moved into the commercial subsection.

      You can still read the suggestions, and if you like you can open another threas where you specify (in the title) that you are looking for free Profiles.




  • Hi Don,

    Just found a thread about wah settings: need help setting up your Wah in the Profiler? do you own a rare Wah? let me know.

    I have a Fulltone clyde deluxe wah and I want to get that sound in my kemper.

    I'm trying but still not happy.

    Do you still transfer the characteristics of Wah pedals?

    If so; can i send you the white noise files?

    Best regards,


  • Hi Don,

    I'm loving v7 by the way, so thanks to the whole team, you guys rock!

    I've just tweaked a rig and produced what I think is the closest I've heard to a violin and kind of wanted to share this with the good folks on here. Since I did not make the original profile, wasn't sure this was kosher, so I thought I'd ask you first if this was ok to share... sort of like I did with that Trower univibe effect. What do you think?



    • Hi Gary,

      thank you for your kind words, it is much appreciated! :)

      In this case I think it would be best, if you contacted the author of the Profile and got his permission to upload an altered version of his creation.

      Does the effect really depend so much on the amp/cab, though? Or is it more a clever combination of effects?



    • I think it's more a factor of effects, amp and cab interchangeable within limits.

  • Hi Don!

    I found something about your sitar profile. It’s cool!

    Could you help me to get it??

    Thanks ?

    • Hi,

      thank you.

      It's part of this Rig Pack: KEMPER Workshop and Effect Demonstration Rig Pack (April 2018)

    • wowww!!! Thanks! ???

  • Sorry about that commercial rig post!

  • Hi Don,

    I am contacting you directly since I know you have a lot of pedals and I guess you have experienced using your overdrives with the Kemper at some point, right?

    I like using drive pedals in front of the Kemper (only the ones I can't replicate with the Kemper, yet)

    But, now I want to use the pedals in stomp C or D using FX Loop before the stack section, so I can use the Remote to control them.

    I've tried all FX loop settings (Mono, Distortion, Stereo) but the sound I get is not the same. It's like the pedal losses it's drive tone. I was able to level the audio volume level sent to the pedal and coming from the pedal, but when I A/B the setup in front of the Kemper vs. the FX loop there is a noticeable difference. I've realized that some KP forum members noticed the same difference.

    May it is caused by the different analog-digital conversions going on in each setup?

    Any advice you could share using drive pedals in the FX loop or how to work around this?

    Please PM if you can.



  • Hi Don,

    I'm new to the forum and just found your thread on Wah Pedals.

    I have series 1 Budda Bud-Wah +

    Happy to create the audio files you need (I downloaded the white noise).

    Should I just run that file through the wah at line level or are you thinking I run through a DI and drop it down to instrument level?

    Also the Boost on the BudWah+ sounds great too (that's the + part) and I'm happy to record it that if it's helpful...not sure if the white noise would show the coloration of the pedal across that range.

    Anyway let me know. (I tried a conversation but you are full up again, you are just too popular ;)



    • Hi Rick,

      thanks for contacting me - the Bud Wah sounds very interesting!

      So far all the recordings of the white noise through the wah pedals were made without a DI box, so this should work fine.

      It might be interesting to record a third file, where you have the wah effect disabled and after a few seconds engage the boost. If the boost is only available with the wah effect active, please record the heel and toe positions a few seconds without the boost and then again with the boost.

      This way I can see if the boost is just a volume thing, or if some additional EQ is happening.

      Looking forward to the files! :)

      thanks again,

      best regards


    • Awesome! I'll get you some samples tonight. Let me know where I should send them :)

    • Oops hit enter too soon. I can put them in a dropbox folder for you if that works. :)

    • great!

      I'll send you a pm (after deleting a whole bunch I guess) :D


    • Files are made :) Whenever you are ready sir :D

  • Hi Don, I got an email with your message but can't find the conversation on the forum to reply. Seems you have too many conversations, so I can't create a new one.