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  • Hey, I read you note about the GM IO and ASM 10. I am also struggling with Gemini and now the new GM IO. Last year I bought the Gemini 1 (powered version) for use with my Kemper. It has always sound big, warm...is, but "woofy", and I can't dial that out. I have put a lot of hours into adjustments, but this cabinet is just too woofy, bassy, and as noted below, can sound "simulated". And it's too heavy for me to lug around (almost 50lbs). So, I forked out the money to buy the new GM IO. I plugged in yesterday and this morning and I'm totally disappointed. I thought it would sound close to the Gemini 1 but less woof and bass. Instead if flat, sterile, not bottom end at all, and sounds like I'm playing through an "AM Radio" filter. Ugh. I'm going to work with it this weekend to see what I can dial in, but my first impression is bad and if I can't dial it in, I'm going to return it. I love the small package, looks, and weight (29lbs), which is perfect. But the sound is pretty bad so far. How is you satisfaction with the ASM 10? I'm want a light-weight self-powered FRFR that is warm, guitar cab-like, with some lower end, but not bassy or woofy. Would love to hear back from you.

    • Hey man. Yeah I sold my asm10 since I prefer my Alto ts210 I've got 2. They sound fantastic and our very light weight and inexpensive. About $200 each used. And they sound great in stereo too.

    • The Altos sounded better to me than the Friedman and lighter

    • Excellent man, thanks for getting back to me. I wrestled with it for a few hours today and I noticed something else, the efforts were all mushy. So, I took it apart to see what was going on and the tweeter was disconnected (one wire had fallen offer). Well, reconnecting that made a huge difference. I then set up my normal guitar rig (Brown Note D-style amp). I figured if I can get close to that amp with a 1-12 Eminence speaker, I'll be in business. I realized that I have tweeked the crap out of my Kember to make the Gemini 1 sound good (i.e., cut off all the bass, reduced mids, squashed some of the highs and presence. I really destroy the profile. So, I set the output stage the flat and profile EQ to flat (on a few of my favorite rigs) and start from scratch. I made great progress today. It is now sounding good and has the potential for sounding great. I need to be patient and take my time. Bring back up the mids to health levels really made the difference, and because this tweeter is quite harsh, rolling of the highs and using the presence sparingly made a huge difference as well. So, I'm going to work through the weekend. I'll let you know how it goes. I will also check out the Altos too! Thx.

    • Great man. Glad to hear. Sometimes you need a little patience and things work out. Have a good one!

    • Hi again,

      i've been using the ME GM IO for a few weeks and so far I am pleased with the "guitar-like" sounds, except the lack of low end or bottom. I find my self cranking up the bass on everything to fill in the bottom. I even permanently set the output stage with boosted bass and cut hi. You stated above that you preferred the Friedman ASC 10 over the GM IO, and then sold the ASC 10 for the Alto ts210. Do you think it has more low end than the GM IO but still sounds like a bold guitar cabinet? Thoughts?