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  • hi meambobbo! i was trying to download your space effects in this page, but, the link is broken. Can you help me with that?

  • Hi, I´d like to ask to to stop sharing my Diezel profiles. Please delete the links. Peter Diezel is a good friend of mine, therefore I deleted my Diezel profiels fomr the Rig Exchange a while ago. Thanks!

    • no problem will do. sorry for the trouble. didnt realize thats why i couldnt find them

    • thanks ;)

    • ok, done - no more schmidt, herbert, or VH4. shame about the schmidt - I don't think there are ANY other profiles of that amp. but i understand and respect that decision. let me know if you see anything missing or if there are duplicates or want anything else taken down.

    • very nice! :)

    • Peter Diezel has a hard time keeping up his business, and part of it is because of the new techonlogy like the Kemper...of course you can continue using the profiles privately, but sharing them on a bigger platform feels to me like betraying Peter. He´s such a nice guy, y´know...

  • Hi meambobbo, one question: I found your pod prifiles (from Vai to Petrucci and many more), i downloaded them because i am a hughe Vai and petrucci fan.. Is there anythink wrong what i when i load them in the kpa? All profiles are soundind very thin and they are far away from the fat sounds of vai and jp. I have an unpowered toaster and a RCF frfr. Or are the profiles only for recordings? I tryed them over the rcf and over my real boogie cab 2x12 V30. I found no profile in this pack that is usefull for live playing. Do you have a tip how to use? For example, when i like to use a jp sound i pick one up from thumas or djemass, the profiles are powerfull and they have directely a lot of punch, or i use a mark V from sinmix and a boogie cab sim, same result, they are loud and proud. Compered to the pod profiles there are worlds between them. Do i have to tweak a lot or set eq or compressor with special settings? i tryed a lot but nothing works really. cheers Frank

    • Try the ones that end in "2" - I tried to beef these up more, as this was indeed a bit of a problem in how I initially dialed them in. When I made them in the Pod, I was using headphones and listening directly to album tones, which are typically thinner than raw tones. I'm moving away from this approach to make more in-the-room style sounds, letting you use them in a live context or trim them down in the DAW for mixing applications. But overall, remember that these are from a Pod HD, and they're not going to sound 100% incredible.

    • Ah, thx for your answer and thx for putting sirius profiles together, it checked some out and the mark v and the shiva are awesome profiles. Cheers Frank

  • After consideration it seems that public communication is called for as well.

  • Listen DUDE, I dont need your permission or advice on communicating my thoughts on this or any forum. If you dont like what I have to say...I suggest you avoid reading my posts. Its out of the respect for you I had in the past that I chose to contact you privately.

    • why are you getting so upset about all this? I was only calling you out because you were fueling the fire. I didn't mean you any disrespect, and I always appreciate your comments about the Axe FX, considering you are one of the few people to actually have both units. I hope you don't take insult to "dude" - that is just how I address people. Again, no disrespect.

    • My apologies. I just didnt appreciate what I perceived as directive, scolding tones in your verbage. Unfortunately I cant hear your voice delivering this message so its easy to misinterpret intent of certain words like "dude". But honestly,I believe the person I was directing my message to deserved all that was said. You are entitled to think differently.

    • obviously, inthrutheout is WAY out of line and no one is rushing to his defense. but no one ever "wins" forum fights - it just goes back and forth indefinitely. yeah, he deserves to be called a piece of shit. but you can't have it both ways - either you are going to completely derail the thread going back and forth with him, or you can just stop responding to him completely and he'll go away once those he is attacking totally ignore him. anyway, i didn't mean to be offensive to you, and I hope we are cool.

    • Sometime the level headed approach to angering posts works for me....sometime it doesnt. ; ) We are cool.

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