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  • Hi R_U. I'm looking for the tone of the Lone Wolf Audio "Left Hand Wrath" pedal and I happened to see your post from a few years ago. Would you have that tone available? Thanks in advance

  • Dear Sirius, i have tried your Aguilar DB750 profile since im a huge Thundercat fan and it just blew my mind! Thank you for your contribution on this magnificent journey which is the usage of the Kemper profler. Kudos to you!

  • Hi Sirius, just wanted to say a quick thank you for your work. I've stumbled upon lots of your profiles in the rig exchange and they've all been amazing. Thanks

    • thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated!

  • Your XTC profiles (with Diezel cab and Shure SM7b) are better than all the commercial profiles I've tried of this amp...
    THANK YOU!!!

  • Thank you for the Bogner Shiva profiles! Amazing tone, well executed. :)

  • Your tiny metal pack is f---ing badass, the Bogner is such an alive feel.Top of the line profiles my brother!

  • Hey just wanted to say thanks for the Mark V profiles! Me and my friends have a DT Tribute Band, and yesterday we started rehearsals for a show. I swear I woke up, uploaded jp1 2 & 3 to my Kemper, and just added some FX, didn't need to touch anything else. The JP sound was there 100%.

    • I forgot, Are these merged profiles? Or are you planning on doing some Direct profiles of the same settings, Thanks!

    • Hi, thanks for checking out my profiles and for the nice feedback - gerat you like them! :) I always make studio profiles. I have no use for merged ones, so I have to say sorry, don´t wait for merged profiles from me... ;)

    • No worries, Thanks for your awesome profiles!

  • hi, i really enjoy your profiles and wanted to thank you for them...i was wandering if, by any chance, you still have that awesome Engl Blackmore profile because i couldn't find it in the Rig Exchange. i was doing a profile clean up and i must have deleted it by accident...thanks in advance

    • Hi, thanks for checking out my profiles! I´m afraid I never uploaded any Engl Blackmore profiles.....I did some, but they sounded quite bad, so I deleted them. The band we share our rehearsal room with use a Blackmore, so maybe I´ll give it another try sometime...

    • wow, i could swear that it was your profile...jeez, sorry for the mixup...again thanks for your profiles

  • Hey mate, i just checked out your mark V profiles. They are awesome!! I use them in combination with a boogie cab from deadlight studios and after a little tweaking a had all the wonderfull Petrucci sounds from clean like the song pull me under or the count of tuscany up to the nice solo sound from scarred or a violin sound like count of tuscany. Thank for this great work. Cheers Frank

  • Hi, i have found your xfc profiles with class A Mode...please tell me what the settings of the profiles are...what means CH2+??? H, L, or boost:-) Thx

    • " + " means boost activated - is that what you´re asking for?

  • I can COMPLETELY understand that. As I mentioned, I have a VH4 at home with Diezel fl4 cab as well. I have communicated with Peter a few times on RigTalk. He seems to be a great guy. I would appreciate if you could send me the profiles. I intent them for my use only, and promise not to share or make them available. Really appreciate it. [email protected]