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  • Hi!
    I’m having problems with Voodol Lab Hex loopswitcher. The basic idea is to control pedals with HEX and use it in performance mode.
    I control the system with Kemper remote.
    And no matter what the Kempers midi commands won’t do anything in the HEX. No lights will glow. What a hell I miss here?

    • Yes, the MIDI command change only works in Performance mode.

      First, I would check that the HEX changes the pedal loops manually, just to make sure the unit is working as expected.

      Then the MIDI programming is tricky in the HEX. I’ve struggled the first time, too.

      You must pre-program the HEX, I did set my loops starting from #80. (check HEX user manual).

      After that, sending the MIDI commands from the Kemper was easy, just followed the manual.

      Hope that helps.

    • one additional thing... once I’ve programmed my first performance, I’ve realized that it did not send the midi changes right after turning the KPA on or switching to permanece mode. I had to select another performance and then go back to the one with the loop programmed, then everything worked as expected.