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  • I checked there. They aren't going through for whatever reason.

  • Please contact me at [email protected]. I have some questions about your profiles.

    • Hey we sended you your profiles like 8 times...please check your spamfolder!

  • Many thanks, i've been trying other Dis and got strange results comparing the merged profile with the studio one with same setup and setting, i think it's because the DI i used do color the sound. The one you used are known as transparent DIs,good choice,greetings.

  • Hello, i bought many of your awesome profiles, if possible could you please tell me what DI you are using to make merged profiles?

    • Kemper DI box...for older ones i used the line out of Jet City Jettenuator without much attenuation. I also did some direct + Studioprofiles with success with the Torpedo live lately

  • Hello,
    I would like to try some of your stuff. What do you suggest for power metal and heavy metal?

  • Hey there, are the guitars on the songs on your soundcloud completely unprocessed?

    • usually lowpass 60-80 hz highpass around 11khz sometimes a small cut around 3-4khz and a Multibandcompressor to control lowmids while palmutes. So nothing drastical rather usual stuff to make it work with Drums/Bass

  • Dude.... I am new to the Kemper and got your JVM 410h Profile from RigExchange.... As a JVM owner I must tell you... you absolutely naild it. Just awesome... Thanks!

  • Hey man, just thought I'd let you know that I've uploaded a clip of me using some of your 5150 profiles! Check it out here:…postID=326354&#post326354

  • How do I PM you?

  • Are you open to giving some advice on DI equipment? I use a Behringer GI100 and thought the profiles sounded good until I compared some others and then I started questioning the DI box or settings. I have some good cables but notice some variations in the sound after I profile and days later. What are you doing when making DI profiles if you don't mind me asking?

  • hello, I did some DI profiles of my Mark V and now my profiles dont sound so good. Did you state in a thread you had this problem? If so did you say you had to reboot system? If so how?

  • guys please send private message not comment on my page :D

    • Trying to use the buy five get two free, do I ordered five and you send me a voucher, do I pay and you refund, please help.

    • no you buy the 5 for 7 will get confirmation email..than you tell me via email which packs you want :)

    • I decided to buy five instead, do I wait for download link, money was sent paypal

  • ..Is can you send me your DI profiles to test the new FW? Thaxxx a lot!!! [email protected]

  • Hi, Deadlightstudio!

  • Hello there,could you send me the new profiles made with the new firmware of the 5150 please?[email protected]

  • Hi can you send me too your Di profiles for testing. Thank you Martin [email protected]

  • Hi can you send me your Di profiles for testing. Thank you Mirek [email protected]