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  • Hey Brother Raoul, quick question mate: I notice you keep mentioning SSD5, and I only just bought v4 and all the packs and won't even be using them for several more months as I continue to get the room happening. The obvious question is, is there something I should know, and if so, will it be backward-compatible with SSD4? FWIMBW, this is the only drum VI I have, and I'd prefer to stick with Slate wherever I can. Thanks mate, and take care!

  • Hello , I noticed that you are really love muse and I wonder if you could help me to find all muse profiles that you are aware of - not only the TAF :) . I'll really appreciate that - thanks , Mickey

  • Hello, My name is Astou I saw your profile today on (kemper-amps.com) and get interested to know you here is my email ([email protected]) send me an email so that i will send you my photos and tell you more about my self. lot of love please contact me here [email protected]

  • I like your studio! grtz, Glenn (Anli)

    • Hi Glenn Thank you it's my pride and joy :)