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  • Hi Andi,

    I just got my Kemper recently but was already aware of your excellent "Fan D'Lux clean" profile that Paul Davids demoed as one of his top 5 Kemper profiles. I was totally knocked out by it! Sorry for writing you here but your Amp Factory site seems to be down right now. Is this profile part of a pack and/or is it available as a single? I'd love to have one. Thanks!

    Regards and Cheers, Marcus

  • Hey Andi, just wanna let you know, that I absolutely dig your profiles, and since you sell them with this massive lockdown-discount, I ordered a bunch of em and love every single rig... finally found my weapon of choice, all my rigs are TAF rigs now.

    Are you considering to sell the Engl Blackmore profile in the nearer future as a single profile as well? That would be great.

    Regards from germany,


  • Hi Andy! I was looking for a profile to get closer to the Bonamassa Fender Stratocaster sound . My research has arrived on your "JCM800 hot mod" profile. After some modification to the cabinet and adding some OD and EQ, the sound has become really wonderful, it seems a mix between marshall and fender amp. Thank's for your job :)

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    • great sound and playing

  • Hi Andy. I’ve bought the Victory pack. When do you think that the Direct and Merged will be out (says “coming soon”)? Sent a couple of emails via website but no reply. Will these be free for download for existing purchasers?

  • Hi Andy
    I am looking for profiles of the Blackstar Artisan 30H and 100H heads, and I understand these may be included in some of your rig packs. Could you direct me to the correct ones for purchase, please (or free ones if there are any)?

  • Hey Andy, I would to purchase some pack on TAFwebsite, but the website disconnect when i try to purchase (at my workoffice) and at my home it show a message error ( "Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server - Possible causes of this error include: 1.The request was forbidden by rules in the .htaccess file.2.The directory you requested does not have an index.html or index.php file. 3.The permissions on the file or directory are incorrect.For details about why the request was forbidden, see the Apache error log at:/srv/users/SYSUSER/log/APPNAME/APPNAME_apache.error.log".).

    • I would purchase pack 3,4, 5 and 7.

    • Hiya. - so sorry for this, - this is most unsuall, as the site has been up and running fine for 99% of people. - however we did have one guy like you who we sorted out. - so let me go speak to my web IT guys and get back to you ASAP.- sorry for the hassle

    • Oh.. rather than on forum.. Please send me a email dso I can reply there easier.. its [email protected]

  • Hey Andy. I am not sure if this is the best place to contact you or on the Kemper forum so I will post this in both. I have a couple of questions regarding the Custom Shop AC30. From what I have read on the forums, it sounds like this is what I am looking for in a Vox profile (i lean toward the beefy, Lanois style sounds) I am not able to find the demo profiles for this that are referenced on the Kemper forum. Would you be able to send me these? You spoke about the profiles on this amp that use the m160 with the 121 being particularly effective. Also, I am wondering if you can give me some insight into the other vox's that you have modelled. The audio demos sound very different between the amps but I am sure that a lot of this is attributed to the guitar used for the audio samples. Are there any profiles for the other vox's that I am able to load up and try? I'm referring to the UKRox15/AC30 Coppertop/TOP 66 and 30 hardwired sets. Finally, I see that you have an AC 30 in the Bundle 10 pack, I'm very interested in that as well. Thanks so much Andy, Les

  • Hi, did you see my recent post enquiring after an OR15 / 5150 II dual profile? Cheers, Andy…ve-a-5150-II-AND-an-OR15/

  • Hi. My Norton blocks your Website - I can not open it - cheers Harry

  • Hi Andy, i have tryed your free TAF-Go Jimi go profile. Sounds awesome! A guy from italy told me that there exists a go jimi go evh profile. Is this true? Do you know how i get it, if it's true? cheers Frank

  • Hi, just got my kemper powerhead yesterday and saw lots of videos with nice sounds from you. Where can I find / buy and44classicrig pack? Must have these sounds/rigs!! THX

  • Hi Andy, just wanted to make sure don't miss this question:…?postID=196918#post196918 (I have bought a couple of packs from you but haven't found anything close to that profile yet) Thanks!

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