In performance mode when I change a cab on one it changes all my performances to the same cab.

  • So I was trying a new sound for some different music than what I usually play and changed the cab on an amp in performance that I dont typically use. (Say Performance #10)
    Well, it changes the cab on all my other rigs and performances. This has not happened to me before.
    Do I have something pressed that I shouldnt? Seems to me I should not have to choose one cab for every one of my amps.

    Thanks for the help!

    (Edit) I do have the "lock" on but it does not revert back to the saved cab after powering down or changing performances. The cab remains changed even though I did not save the setting. Is that normal?

  • The lock function is global, so until you turn the lock off, the cab stays the same whatever state the KPA is in and regardless of whether you saved the performance or not. Turn the lock off and try selecting a different performance and then revisit "performance #10". The cabs should revert to their saved state.


  • Thanks Sam.
    I guess what I'm wondering now is why the cab I had locked suddenly does not sound good anymore and I'm back to trying other cabs.
    Plus why it seems to save the cab I am trying out and not reverting to the one I had saved in the locked mode to begin with.


  • I remember reading that there was a bug when changing cabs. Basically, if you changed cabs but then changed back to the profile's original cab, it wouldn't sound the same as the profile prior to the cab change. I'm pretty sure they fixed it with FW 2.5, but I might be wrong. What FW are you running? It has something to do with the cab part of the profile being a "guesstimation". There's no 100% accurate way the profiler can determine which part of the effected signal it receives during the profiling process is due to the colouration and response of the cab, and complications with subtracting those effects from the overall signal.

    As for the other problem, I'm not really sure. If the lock isn't engaged, I would've thought it would revert back to the original saved cab if you haven't stored the updated performance. Puzzling!?!