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  • Hey Sambrox,

    I saw you playing a video on YouTube and soundcloud on a Blue Dream profile. (Flying in a blue dream by Satch) do you still have this profile? i would like to have it. :)

    Greets Robbin

    • Hi Robbin
      It was one I found on Rig Xchange. Search Blue Dream or something like that :)

    • Ah wait no, my mistake! I think it's one by Tony Mackenzie

    • search as author :)

    • Hey,
      The blue dream profile is nog on RE anymore. I tried the Tony ones. Buy they dont cut the mix. I have a JS2450. Do you stille have your profile?

    • Hmmm not sure. I’ll check tonight and get back to you!

  • Hi Sam, if you'd like a free download of my album, let me know :)

    • Hey thanks man! I believe in supporting the artists' hard work though, so I'll buy it :)

    • See Davo, Sam's a bloody champ, unlike me!

    • I don't know why, but that response was posted twice and I'm certain I only hit "enter" once. Sorry about that.

    • Hmmm except I totally forgot to buy it! Pay day tomorrow, guess I'll be picking it up!

    • Hey, now it's gone and only my response to my response has remained. FWIMBW, I'd said to Dave that you're a champ, unlike I. The back story is that I took him up on his offer due to my terrible budgetary situation, and still feel bad about it to this day.