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  • Hi there.

    Your profile and playing Purple Rain-Prince was great!

    Since Im not good at editing sounds Im wondering if I can buy that Kemper profile you use, please?


    / Jonas

    • Hey man, yes that's possible. I have a patron page, so if for example you wanted to pay $2 you get all the backing tracks I've uploaded there and I can send you the kemper profile to your email too. May be better value from your point of view rather than just buying a profile alone. By the way, you can cancel patron anytime too so you can download what you want from there, then cancel so it'd only be $2 maximum but you'd get loads of backing tracks plus that profile :) Let me know if you're interested :)

    • Here's a link to the page so you can check if you like any of the backing tracks

    • Oops, sorry. I didn't see this reply until now..

      Thank you.. Im very interested in that profile of yours.

      However, I do have lots of backtracks and awesome original multitracks - so thank you, but no backtracks please :)

      But how about this:

      I will pay 10 USD or Euro for that Prince tone profile of yours via Paypal and if you want some original multitracks and I will gladly send them to you as a gift.

      Have a nice weekend :) Cheers..!

      My emailaddress is: [email protected]

    • Sorry, I meant 20 USD or Euros.