KPA external effects

  • Anyone have a talk box or a whammy pedal external to the keepers effects?

    I've just bought an fcb1010 uno and have a digitech whammy, thinking of getting a talk box as well, anyone run anything like this? How does it sound?

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  • I use a Whammy DT front of the Kemper, sounds great.

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  • I use the Kemper's whammy, I have a Digitech GSP1101 and it's whammy can't touch the Kemper's imho. You could easily set it up with your FCB1010. I have one of my expression pedals set to always send out Midi CC#1 on all my presets. Then what ever stomp I activate on that preset, whammy, wah or pedal booster, will be run by the expression pedal. If you need help setting that up just holler.