AUX in and SPDIF

  • Hello,
    Previously I was able to monitor my DAW via the AUX inputs on the kemper.. Since 3.01 - my aux in signal goes out the SPDIF didn't do this before. Is there anyway to set the spdif output to NOT send out the aux in?
    Thanks for any help.

  • You should still be able to record the Kemper guitar signal alone if you turn down “Aux In >Main” in the output menu page 5.
    Monitoring your DAW via AUX inputs on the Kemper has to be done via headphone out in this case.

  • I'm sorry to resurrect this thread, but I just ran into the same problem. I would like to record via S/PDIF (without the AUX signal) while still getting the AUX signal on my headphones. Would it be possible to add a Aux In > S/PDIF 1-10 option, just like it exists for the other outputs? It would cover both use cases with the most flexibility, I would assume.

  • This is what the Main Manuals says (which is related to current software - not 2015 software):

    Auxiliary Input

    The Auxiliary Input function allows you to feed a stereo signal, such as an mp3-player, into your PROFILERto play along with it. In the Output Section, the Auxiliary Input function is equipped with three mix controls: one to feed the aux signal to the MAIN OUTPUTS as well as S/PDIF OUTPUT, and two others to feed it to the MONITOR OUTPUTand HEADPHONE output.This allows you, for instance, to add an additional monitor signal to your HEADPHONE output, while the MAIN OUTPUTS stay unaffected. ...

    So, crank up Aux In> Headphones and crank down Aux In>Main,

  • Thanks for the reply! I did not know this, however, it doesn't work in my (admittedly possibly unusual) case. I need to change Aux > Main and Aux > S/PDIF separately.

    I have a Komplete Audio 6 interface, which only offers direct monitoring from two channels -- I'd like to use those for bass and vocals, because I have no other way to monitor those. To be able to listen to guitar, vocals and a backing track (with the interface) at the same time, through both my monitors and headphones (not at the same time, obviously) I connected the headphones out of the interface to the Aux in of the Kemper. So far so good, I can monitor bass, guitars, vocals and Aux from my laptop through monitors or headphones connected to the Kemper. However, if I want to record something via S/PDIF I have no possibility to both listen to my monitors, connected to the Main out, and not record my backing track (or click, or vocals) on the same track as the guitars.

    I realize this is a big mess, however, Linux-compatible interfaces with 4 or more inputs (and/or S/PDIF) are rather scarce so this is the best setup I was able to come up with so far.

    Sooo... I do realize I might be the only user with this specific problem but it leads me to a point where I would still appreciate a separate Aux > S/PDIF control.

  • What started as a straight forward Aux In function with one button and one knob has been enhanced a few times. First we added a second knob, then a third, and recently a mono option. Now there are even more requests like a forth Mix control, special EQ and a mute guitar option…. I'm not sure, if we will evolve this into a mixing desk. ;)