no output from main outputs

  • i'm trying to do the 6 outputs like in the kemper tutorial video on youtube.

    i'm not getting any signal on the spdif at all and never have.

    but i had the other 4 outputs setup like the video said - main output - left= delay / right = reverb, then stack and then git direct.

    i did 2 recording sessions and all 4 outputs worked. now the stereo monitor outs aren't putting out any sound.

    the delay and reverb mixed in w/ the stack made the guitar sound incredible on the recording and i'm at a loss as to why its not working anymore. i didn't change anything.

    i push the output button and have tried changing it and changing it back to delay / reverb but still no output.

  • Please use the init globals function in the system menu to return the Profiler to its factory default state and check the outputs again.
    If you get signal at all outputs try to chang the output source assignments to your preferred settings.
    The reason you are not getting any SPDIF signal is probably due to your audio interface. Did you set it to be the sync slave? Have you assigned the SPDIF inputs to be the inputs for the channel in your DAW that you are trying to record on?

  • i did the system-> init global but am still getting nothing from the monitor rt/left channels.

    i set the firestudio to firestudio-spdif instead of master and i'm getting spdif signal now.

    but that's all i'm getting. i'm not getting anything on the other 4 channels.

    i'm getting the git direct and the stack.