Effects loop

  • Howdy, i recieved this yesterday.. I am starting to get used to it . I have hooked up my Axe FxII in the effects loop, to take advantage of some of the ambient effects..

    However i was browsing the tips and tricks forum , and noticed Maurzio's begginer pack . I updated my profiler with his back up but now the effects loops doesnt work.. Where it did before the update.

    I can see that the axe fx is recieving the signal . But i get absolutely no sound . I am still new to this , so I am pretty sure it is a simple fix.. But some parameter has changed .

    any help would be much appreciated.

  • You have to assign one of the stomps (a, b, c , d) or the the effects (x, mod) to effects loop (you ought to set one of the two effects to stereo loop, since I assume you`ll want to have the Axe-FX in stereo...), so hold the button under the "X" or "MOD" nutil your KPA`s Monitor becomes green, the elected effect becomes focused, now turn the "Type"-knob tilyou see stereo loop selected (should be pretty well near the end)... Make sure you put it on. The button under "X" or "MOD" lights up. Now you should get sound...

  • Hi thanks a lot .. I actually did that , and was able to get sound previously .. But once I updated to Maurzio's Beginner pack , The effects loop no longer produces sound.. Whether it is mono or stereo , no sounds come through .

    I guess worse case I can always re load the factory settings, but I kind of like the way he has it organized..

  • Why are you inserting the Axe FX into the Kemper's loop rather than the other way around? You're missing on the routing capabilities of the Axe FX.

    I'm actually doing this with my Line 6 Helix somewhat successfully. I have the Kemper inserted into the Helix's FX Loop and it sounds great, though I'm having trouble whenever I engage the Helix's Wah. I'm gonna start troubleshooting it in a minute. But that's what I'd suggest if you really wanna get all the benefits of both units.