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    Sorry, I just have no idea what you are trying to do, or what wois not working/has worked in the past...

    I also don´t know Logic or the Motu m4, but I worked with Midi a lot, so I try to descripe what you can do...

    First you should set the Motu´s Midi in and out in Logic. Then you should Plug Motu´s Midi In to Profiler´s Midi out and vice versa.

    Then you can make Logic to send out Midi Clock. Make sure it sends out to the Motu Port.

    Since Midi Clock is Omni, the Profiler should receive it and show a little "C" in the right corner...

    On System Settings (in the Profiler) Page 15 (of 18) you can set the Midi Global Channel. On this Channel the Profiler receives all Midi messages and if you check the "UI to Midi" box theProfiler sends CC 47 with value of the given Performance - 1 (since counting in Midi in the profiler goes from 0-127) and the CC of the Slot you have selected (50 - 54) and also SYSEX commands to other performance related settings (this is normaly used to have a second profiler with the same Performances etc. as a backup...)

    If you check the "Pedals to Midi" box, the Profiler sends the Midi CC Values of connected Pedals (like Midi CC 7 of a connected Volume Pedal etc)

    If you check the "Send Midi Clock" box the Profiler sends the Midi Clock out so if you have set Performance/Rig tempo or you are using TapTempo or Beat Scanner of Profiler.

    Then you should make sure, Logic is set to receive Midi Clock (if possible) from the Motu Port...

    On System Settings Page 14 you can also set the Profiler to send Midi Program changes with Slot changes on the Midi Out/Thru Hardware Ports. You can ReName each port choose to send Midi out or passwMidi through. Also you can set the channel for each port.

    If you are in the Performance Main Menu hit Edit (left soft button) Slot Settings (right Soft Button) and Midi Settings Soft Button (left Button) Then you can dial in a Midi ProgramChange for both pORTS HIT mIDI tRANSMIT AND SAVE THE sETTINGS:

    Maybe you can give some more info, since the Motu is an audio interface with Midi in/out port, but how are you trying to communicate with the Profiler/what was the button pressing you did to try to make it communicate?

    Allerdings kannst Du anstatt eines (expression) Pedals auch einen Switch/Doppelswitch an einen"PedalEingang" anschließen und den "Morphstatus" damit kontrollieren, da du ja , so wie ich es verstanden habe, zwischen 2 Sounds wechseln und nicht langsam hineinmorphen willst.

    Die Switches wechseln konstant zwischen Morph on und off, egal wo der "Ist-Zustand" sich gerade befindet...

    (hoffe das war verständlich?)

    Ja, das funktioniert, Du kannst zwei Pedale an den Kemper bzw. 4 zusätzliche an die Remote anschließen und beide (oder mehr) nur für den Morphparameter nutzen, allerdings springt der Parameter, sobald aktiviert auf den Wert des zweiten Morphpedals, wenn dieser sich vom Wert des ersten unterscheidet...

    Es gibt also kein "Einfangen" des "MidiValues", wie man das von DAWs kennt.

    You can, with the Remote, assign stomps and FX to the buttons I - IV, if you press and hold the button it will turn FX on (or off) until you relaese the button, if you just hit the button and immediately release it, it will change the state of the associated FX permanently.

    Another way could be to use Morph and the Depth/Mix of the FX.

    Morph can be set to be momentary or permanent and you can also set a Rise and Release time...

    Unfortunately, I am familiar with this problem. We are working on it to resolve this asap. It is no longer possible to log in with the "old" login details anyway because I have switched webstore platforms.

    I assume it will be resolved soon!!!

    Had you already purchased the package...?

    No, since I would prefer to have all my purchased packs on my account...

    But I also would realy like to try your Liquids... ;)

    Hi Bert,

    I was trying to buy the liquid pack, but I cannot login with my password. So I was trying the "forgot my password"- reset password link, that says Password reset email has been sent. But I don´t receive any. Tried several times and also watched the spam folder.

    When trying to buy as new customer, it says :"An account is already registered with your email address. Please log in."

    account is already registered with your email address. An account is already registered with your email address. n account is already registered with your email address.

    Ich arbeite eigentlich nur mit dem RM, da mir hier das Erstellen von meinen Rigs/Performances leichter fällt, aber man sollte schon wissen was man tut und ständige Backups sind manschmal Lebensretter... ^^

    Hier mal ein gelocktes FX-Stomp vergessen oder noch im Perform Mode in einen anderen Amp "reingehört" sind alles Fallen in die wohl viele hier schonmal reingeraten sind (ich auf jeden Fall auch schon des öfteren... :cursing: :evil: || ).

    Allerdings denke ich auch, dass das Experimentieren mit dem RM sich auf jeden Fall lohnt, wie gesagt mit einem Backup hat man ja seinen Ist-Zustand in der Tasche.

    Was war denn bei Dir das Problem, als Du Deine Performances zerschossen hast?

    I think a good idea would be to store the settings for each profile in the amps comment field in RigManager, so it would be easy to "Liquify" a profile at taste or in case of updated Luiquid Masks for that specific amp...

    And for those with existing Luiquid Masks do Liquified Profiles at option, since, like you already said, the settings (and mics and positioning of those) of profilers like you are the reason to buy those profiles.

    8)Bela's back with a Kemper. It's great to see the original lineup.

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    What is he playing there, is he playing the Drums on that "thing"?

    Ok! i will confess...there WAS a problem only it wasnt with my unit it was my brain. Whilst i DID turn it off and go and make a rather wonderful cup of tea when i returned to turn it back on i noticed my jack was not plugged into my input but indeed was plugged into my headphone input. Jeez!

    That happend here before... Read about it in this forum more then one time. Happend to me also, but i saw whats the problem before i had asked here.

    You are not alone.