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    Just retried it ( I have the remote and my DAW is doing the slot switching...)

    Seems this is not working anymore, sorry...

    Even the Morph switch isn´t working (CC80) only Morph pedal (CC11), maybe a bug? You can open a ticket and ask support if noone hels knows more...

    I know it was working that way, dont know when and why it changed.

    Maybe someone else might help here?

    I know it is working the way I am switching my performances.

    I use CC 47 (0-124) to go to the "linked" performance (CC 47 value +1 = 1-125) and then select slot 1-5 with CC 50 -54 value 1 or more...

    When I select the Slot the second time, morphing becomes active, just like the remote does...

    But that way you need to change performance and select the slot with more steps then change the slot with program changes.

    Die Frage taucht hier mittlerweile regelmäßig auf, klar, jede andere vergleichbare Machine die ich kenne hat ja auch inzwischen Version "x"...

    Der Profiler ist immer noch der gleiche, wobei er sich im Laufe der Jahre immer mal wieder neu "angefühlt" hat.

    Das letzte Mal mit dem vor kurzem hinzugefühgten "Liquid Proflilng". Aber eben "nur" Software-seitig und kostenlos.

    Ob es sich lohnt kann nur jeder für sich selbst herausfinden, aber ich würde nicht auf eine "Neuauflage" warten. Du hast ja schonmal eine Möglichkeit, den Kemper anzutesten, schau dir den RigManager an, wenn du damit gut arbeiten kannst, wenn Dir der Player Spaß macht und dir die Amp-Sounds zusagen und wenn du dir angesehen hast welche Vorteile dir der Stage-Kemper bringt, dann weißt du ob es sich für dich lohnt.

    Auf jeden Fall scheint die Kemper GmbH mit vollem Herzen hinter dem Produkt zu stehen, da sie die Software dafür konstant weiterentwickeln und bisher nur ergänzende, aber nicht ablösende Neue Produkte hinzufügen, siehe Kemper Player...

    Kemper changed the format of profile files a while ago, and they now have a .krig extension. Any old profiles with the .kipr file extension will be automatically converted to the new .krig format by Rig Manager when loading them into the Kemper.

    Hi Bert,

    I just bought the F-Man JayJ, but it´s not possible to install the profiles into RM, it says:

    "The import failed.

    One or more item(s) is damaged beyound repair and could not be imported."

    The same happens with the SLO pack, what is strange since I had it in RM before a PC crash, that killed all my RM Backups...

    Rig Manager is up to date (Version 3.5.20)

    (only DI Profiles and Performances can be imported)

    Yes, on this site:

    Downloads | Kemper Amps

    you can download

    MIDI Parameter Documentation 8.6

    there you can see everything you can do with MIDI.

    What I was trying to say, is you can control many devices with MIDI Maestro (like e.g. Beatbuddy, Aeros or any other Device with it´s own MIDI implementation) and also with expression attached to the Maestro. Expression attached to the remote will work for the Profiler exclusively.

    The Remote is it own controller-system for Kemper profiler, although it does not exclude Midi control from it.

    This means you can use both, but f.g. expression pedals connected to the remote will work only for the profiler, while connected to the Maestro will work for what you set it up to in the Maestro, including the Kemper...

    When I bought my Toaster in december 2013 I was "afraid" there could have been "better" products out there, any modeller that suits my needs better, that could sound better or more true, the opponents had more fx etc...

    But I loved the sound from it since day one. In the beginning I was missing some FX but I learned from my Profiler more about tube amps, then I ever would have learned about in true Life, since I never would have been able to try so many different ones, and I would hardly ever been able to play those at the volume that they needed.

    The "needs" of FX moved in the background more and more...

    There was a day, I didn´t care if there could be better modellers or even capture- or profilers. I didn´t read any comparisons anymore... I simply LOVE my Kemper, for me it IS the best.

    And C. Kemper prooves year by year that it was my best buy ever and worth every cent of it, in retrospect it was a bargain.

    -Thank you Mr. Kemper-

    Hi Bert ( breu)

    First of all a happy new year.

    Unfortunatey my PC has crashed and I had to renew windows on it. So I lost all my RigManager backups and I have to download all my purchased Rigpacks again, but I didn´t had access to my account, so I purchaised my prfile packs without logging in.

    Is there a way for you to send those packs I purchaised on your site to me again?

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    Your Performances are included in your KPA USB backup and can be imported without Laptop or Computer.

    You can also open multible backups in RigManager and load Performances into your Profiler to edit new Performance sets...