Does anybody have a 5150 II AND an OR15?

  • So, this question is as a result of a FB Kemper Profiling Amp / KPA User Group discussion.

    My best pre-Kemper sound was using an OR15 through one 2 x 12 cab and a 5150 II lead channel through another 2 x 12 cab. I had the OR15 set to about 1 or 2 o'clock on the gain which gave an amazing crunch sound with lovely mids and nice highs. I then used the 5150 II, blended in via an arrangement involving a volume pedal to the amount of bottom end girth / thump, ugliness / brootalz (sorry) to the mix.

    From memory, again the gain only had to be at 1 or 2 o'clock on the gain channel to get that.

    I had some issues with the reliability of the 5150 at the time and varying degrees of success taming hum etc that is inherent to such a complex set up.

    Anyhow, until the lovely new Morph feature can work with two different rigs (no I'm not complaining :) ) I suspect someone could profile in a similar manner to my set up?

    So, split the guitar input to both amps in varying degrees and capture the results by mic'ing and combining the results from both cabs.

    Does this sound feasible? If so, the "only" issue is that I no longer own the amps and my small experiments with profiling show that I do not have the requisite skills to do a good job!

    Are there any good / friendly / accommodating people there that would be agreeable to trying this out?


  • I did (4) profiles of the amps combined. It was a 50 watt 5150III and OR15 though.

    EVHOR on rig exchange. If I charge you they will sound better. :D

    Interesting - I won't be able to try it out till next week, but I feel the need to answer this next questions anyway.....

    How did you have the 5150 and OR15 set up?
    Did you do the profiles as an experiment or was it also a favourite sound combination for you?
    Did you get the kind of separation on the profile as you got in the room?

    Any other words on how the whole dual amp profiling thing worked out?


  • I had a few different settings. I like the way Oranges sound and the EVH III was a very good amp. The distortion was more from the OR while the EVH was Channel 1 at different levels. The gain levels are from very clean to about 5 which is the Orange at 1:00 or so and the EVH around 10:00 or so (preamp gain knob). Volume (power amp) was reasonable levels to balance both levels out best way I could.

    It sounded good. Orange has always been my favorite and I just got the EVH so I was playing with it a lot and felt it was something interesting that I wanted to try because of the variation in amps.

    It's difficult to tell because it would change depending on where in the room you would stand. I was pleased with them and still use them today.

    I think it will depend on the amps. The more you have higher gain on both amps the more questionable it would become.

    With the new DI profiling it would be interesting to try that. I no longer have the EVH. I do have the OR and have several DI profiles which I think (after implementing some suggestions from another member) turned out well.

  • Thanks. As you can see from my post, I was using the 5150 as very high gain chuggy (as opposed to yours on the green channel) and the OR15 at 1 or 2 o clock which was (heavy) classic crunch to my ears.

    It will be interesting to try yours out though. The great thing about the Kemper is that you can try to replicate these things.....and some day in the future, merged profiles will be possible I'm sure....a lot of things have been added in the 2 or 3 years I've had my Kemper....